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The five skills - curtain factory boss Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-28
Curtain of doing business, a customer is the most important. Do you want to be a good boss curtain, want to have soared results, you need to have the following 5 'color'! First, the expression, 'graphic' qing wu ching-tzu 'the scholars' back to 17: 'graphic, can make reading is simply astounding. 'Do the sale, must exercise their power of expression, let the customer and you chat have a sense of listening to the ballad, with relish, lifelike, vivid, voice to the ups and downs, to the customer feeling is though not yet to buy, but through your description, he has to buy to buy after feeling! Second, the relationship between the customers and 'split' remember, you want customers to pay, just to help him better, improve the current situation, therefore, you and your clients are completely equal in personality, you not ask him, more not curry favor with him, the client will be willing and make friends provide effective solution for him, will to curry favor with his talent in their feet! Third, state 'very happy' customer status, comes from your infection, you dead, customer drowsy, you very happy, customer, your performance and your status is proportional to the forever! Fourth, pioneering, the desire for sex bag day 'customer has three parts, one part in the market, the other part in your company, and where the part in the competition! So, you don't go all out to develop the customer, the customer will flow to the opponent. So want to improve performance, the only way is to constantly explore, bold, fear not, the customer can't eat you! Fifth, interpersonal 'mixed' please don't judge the customer, in theory, anyone can buy any product, customer can't afford to buy today, doesn't mean he can't afford to buy a future, customers do not need temporarily, does not represent all of his friends do not need, therefore, do sales associate to a diverse group of people, cultivate a variety of customers!
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