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The Following Trends of Home Textiles Industry in 2020

The Following Trends of Home Textiles Industry in 2020


Through this Heimtextil , the following trends of home textiles industry in 2020 are summarized as following:

Highlighting the three-dimensional sense of the quilt or bedspread surface through different processes is also the focus of this year's process development. Tufting, three-dimensional facing, three-dimensional pleating and quilting are the main types of process styles promoted by this year's exhibitors;

Using light ruffles to enhance the soft romantic sense of the product, choosing soft fabrics is the key; the original feeling of the burr is used to create Bohemian style home; The Velvet fabric is still the key fabric in this year's soft decoration products. The wrinkle effect and the use of weaving technology to improve the product's surface luster are worthy of attention this year.


In this year's exhibition, the three-dimensional shadow effect of the product surface formed by technology is generally valued. Exhibitors have created this kind of three-dimensional fluffy textile through quilting, filling cotton, three-dimensional folding and weaving; trying velvet and fur like materials can often bring unintended effects, which can be enhanced by some high saturated bright colors in color.


Velvet fabric still occupies an important position in this year's soft decoration products. Embossing technology is used to form a natural wrinkle effect on the surface of the fabric, so as to improve the luster of the fabric. The dot tufting pattern is still valued by the brand. The dot tufting pattern is made by the cutting process. The use of lightweight and breathable fabric makes this kind of product more suitable for indoor use in spring and summer. The three-dimensional effect of the pattern is made of tufting to make the product novel and interesting.


The details of edging are reflected in different forms in this year`s exhibits, especially in monochromatic types of home textiles; Ruffle decoration is conducive to creating female style home textiles, which is widely used in coverlet and carpet  this year; Bohemian style home furnishings will be an importan trend in 2020, and many brands will make use of original felt wool.


Edge to highlight this style; lockstitch technology is conducive to show a minimalist style appearance of home textile products, choose high-end fabrics for this kind of products to increase the sense of sophistication.

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