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by:TONDA     2020-05-09
A third of people life time will be spent on sleep, sleep is very important for us. Only have a good sleep, have a good body. And how do we should have a good sleep? Sleep what are taboo? The following followed spinning le sleep home textiles experts to look at. Here are several common sleep habits, these are not good, oh. 1. Quilt have to be masked easy cause without absorbing difficulties; At the same time, to inhale without them out carbon dioxide, healthy very adverse to the body. Infants and young children should not be more so, otherwise there is a risk of choking. 2. Mouth breathing lying silent night is the best way to maintain the vitality, the mouth without not only can breathe in dust absorption, and will make the trachea, lung and ribs under the stimulation of cold air. Had better use nose without suction, nose hair can stop some dust, nasal cavity to the inhaled air heating, is good for health. 3. For the wind to sleep sleep reduced ability to adapt to the environment changes, easy to catch cold catch cold sick. The ancients thought, and the wind for all ills, benevolence and variation; Although good and cultivate the sweltering summer heat wind and lie under the dew. So sleep should avoid tuyere, the bed of a certain distance away from the window and door is advisable. 4. Bedtime drink tea contains caffeine in tea and other substances, which stimulates the central nervous, exciting, if before sleeping, drink tea, especially strong tea, central nervous will be more exciting, make the person is not easy to fall asleep. 5. Pillow is too high from the physiological perspective, the pillow to 8 ~ 12 centimeters advisable. Too low, easy to cause 'felt fine,' or because of blood flowing into the brain, causing the mind swells, eyelid edema; Too high, will affect without absorption way open, easy to play without lulu, and rest for a long time, can lead to neck discomfort or a hunchback. 6. Under the pillow to sleep I slept, and put his hands on the head, in addition to influence the blood circulation, cause upper limb numbness ache, also easy to make the internal pressure, the passage of time will produce the reflux esophagitis. So, should not be sleep with pillow. 7. Before going to bed angry 8. Before sleeping, feast on bedtime overeat, gastrointestinal up digestion, the stomach will continuously stimulate the brain full of food. The brain with excitement, people won't 9. Strenuous exercise before bed acuteness activity, can make the brain that controls muscle activity of nerve cells show very strong excited state, the excitement in the short time can't calm down, people can't fall asleep soon. So, should try to keep the body before bedtime is calm, but also might as well make some minor activity, such as walking, etc. 10. Sit and sleep some people eat rice to sit sofa, turn on the television pot of tea, is comfortable enough. May work too tired, fell asleep watching TV, which makes the second big hidden trouble! Because sit sleep can make the heart rate slows, vasodilation, blood flow to the various organs is less. Plus the stomach to digest need blood supply, thus adding to the lack of, lead to the emergence of dizziness, tinnitus. Some say at noon rest for a while, who also take a quilt to the unit, a find a place to stay. Thing is saved, but the body will protest.
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