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by:TONDA     2020-05-03
As people living standard rise, and the pursuit of healthy living quality, people more and more concerned about the sleep quality. Safe, healthy and comfortable sleep environment becomes the people to pursue goals of sleep, and is closely related to the sleep the bed home textiles products has become the focus of attention. People life a third of the time spent in sleep, so a third of time is spent with bedding, home textile products quality is directly related to people's quality of sleep, become the most important factors affecting the quality of people's sleep. Although home textile for sleep is so important, but due to the bondage of the old consumption idea for a long time, home textile quality problem and consumers easily neglected problems. According to the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine latest spot check report shows that 68% of bedding is unqualified, the component content false, formaldehyde, color fastness to unqualified quality problem is very prominent, such as formaldehyde content had the greatest influence on the human body. According to the national environmental protection bureau to determine the standard: a man of 60 kg inhaled formaldehyde amount shall not exceed 12 mg a day, otherwise there is a risk of poisoning. And according to relevant data show that the calculated on 8 hours of sleep every day, we inhaled formaldehyde from ordinary bed is tasted for 5 - 7 mg. Although trace formaldehyde has no obvious harm to human body, but still need the liver to detoxify the formaldehyde, accumulated over a long period of time can cause liver disease, respiratory diseases, especially for newborn babies affected, will cause the loss of neonatal physical and mental, nose and mouth, skin and other cancers, and even life-threatening. So choose high quality home textile is very important to people healthy.
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