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The making process of the pure cotton textiles - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-25
Cotton belongs to natural plant fiber fabric, with its good absorption gas, wear comfortable, occupies very important position in the textile industry. Good fabric, touch, you will know. You must have a lot of pure cotton clothing, the home of touch the feeling is different. Why is pure cotton feel different? What is the impact the handle? Reasons to feel is encoded in the process of cotton production, popular science to you about how pure cotton cloth is made, the steps is roughly: cotton to cotton fiber, cotton yarn, cotton, cotton cloth, simply be put into cotton fiber cotton processing, spinning cotton yarn, and then spun cotton, woven cotton fabric in the end. After you come back from the fields picking cotton, need to cotton break up into small cotton fiber, and then spun into yarn. Well, there are exquisite. Combed cotton and conventional cotton separation from this link. Combed cotton is short fiber in the removal of cotton fiber, retain more than 1 cm long and neat cotton fiber, and eliminating impurity in cotton fiber, make cotton yarn spinning out more resilient, quality more stable and not easy pilling, far better than the ordinary cotton. This is the first effects of handle. Then there's the cotton yarn spun cotton, inside this has a lot of exquisite again. Textile industry, there is a term called 'count', simple definition is about a kilo of cotton yarn can be spun out more long cotton, a is equal to 840 yards ( 768 m) Can, for example, if a kilo of cotton yarn spinning out 32 840 yards ( 768 m) So long cotton, count is 32. General 30 ~ 60 cigarettes used in high-grade cotton goods. The higher the number, mean cotton more smooth, more soft, have qualitative feeling more. Cotton spinning and weaving is about to begin. As you all know cotton is woven from somehow the intersection of cotton. It involves a very important terms 'pin number', that is an inch of cloth, how many root across the cotton thread, how many root with cotton thread, the two Numbers together is the pin number. For example an inch 200 root across the cotton cloth, 100 root with cotton thread, that this cloth pin number is 300. Pin number is higher, more exquisite fabrics, wearing more comfortable.
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