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by:TONDA     2020-05-08
Q: what is the washing cotton? A: washing cotton is cotton as raw material, through special processing after further soft fabric surface color, luster, feel softer, and reflected somewhat in the slight wrinkle degree of the feeling of old material. This kind of clothes to wear with washing have variant does not fade, not easily avoid ironing. Q: cotton = pure cotton? A: pure cotton is cotton, cotton or cotton. Contain more than 75% cotton is called cotton, cotton and cotton from contain cotton is the same. Is the name or say different. Q: traditional old coarse linen sheets? A: A lot of advantages old coarse linen sheets, comfortable and relieving itching, skin affinity, no stimulation to skin, warm in winter and cool in summer, soft texture. Weakness is easy shrink, wide is not big, pattern is simple. Q: what is the fabric count? A: count is A way of said, often said with A male count of yarn. Count has to do with the length and weight of the yarn. The higher the count of the yarn, the yarn is more thin, weave cloth is more thin, relatively speaking, this fabric is more soft and comfortable. Q: what is the denim fabric? A: denim fabric is warp and weft at least once every two root yarn to interweave, use add warp/weft weaving point, change the fabric structure. Have positive and negative, the crossing point of a complete organization cycle, less floating line is longer, feel soft, organization fabric density is higher, the product is thick, stereo sense is stronger. Q: grinding wool fabrics? A: A finishing mill is wool fabric dyeing and printing, because the hair is better, must be reactive printing, grinding bedding in the winter with soft, warm, comfortable, simple sense, quality is better than cotton, so the price also is quite high.
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