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by:TONDA     2020-05-05
In addition to 'soybean curd salty sweet battle', 'zongzi is ground or jujube paste, but there is another more subtle, more general north-south divide - - - - - - 'face by hand or with a towel. In general, southerners used wet towel wash face with water, while northerners multi-purpose hand wash my face and then dry with a towel. However, use a wet towel to rub face approach is not desirable - - - - - - Face too clean and dry it will stimulate the sebum secretion, open the door for acne. Even with dry towel to wipe the face, also should avoid excessive force, it's best to pat dry the water on the face, then gently with towel blot moisture. In recent years, all of a sudden fire up 'face artifact was more dangerous than a towel, artifact caused by allergic dermatitis patients worry let many dermatologists, have said the skin problems of modern is not clean enough, but' excessive clean. 1 - compared with the developed countries February replacement frequency of towel, the towel consumption still stay in China 'don't break in' stage, it's clearly a lack of historical legacy of The Times. Towel don't like food and clothing live line can pass the visual differences to stimulate consumption, as long as' looked normal, most people will not have to replace the consciousness of the towel, the towel quality general lack of judgment. This has also led to the Chinese spend money on facial cleanser, protect skin to taste all the waste may be due to the inferior towel. For decisions by towel design and color and feel is only for the people of consumption, how to buy a good towel? Under the background of consumption upgrade, home textiles industry for quality upgrade. What kind of products can win consumers heart most? Some enterprises to do 30 years for a towel; Some enterprises continuously upgrade manufacturing capability, innovation design idea, developing more functional products; And mode of enterprise innovation and brand development, in the form of household life museum for consumers a new shopping experience.
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