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by:TONDA     2020-05-02
Home textiles in our impression is usually referred to bedding, home textile is not just a bedding, actually today is about to introduce home textiles contain main products. is short for home textiles. Home textiles and decorative textiles, textile industry is mainly composed of home textiles, textile and clothing products with textile. Home textiles bedding, aren't the only ones we based on its adornment effect of the object it can be divided into the following kinds: 1. Is given priority to with adornment bed: we often call this kind of home textile is of bedding, including bed sheet, bedding bag, etc. 2. Is given priority to with decoration interior doors and Windows, space: this category mainly curtains, window screening, door curtain, etc. 3. To decorate furniture is given priority to, such as cloth art sofa fabric, cushion, the antependium of cloth art, etc. 4. Give priority to with decorative building metope: such as all kinds of wall cloth, tapestry, and so on; 5. Give priority to in order to decorate buildings, structures the ground: basically has carpet, etc. ; 6. To decorate restaurant, toilet environment, meet the health needs of wash one's hands and give priority to, such as towel, bath towel, aprons, cloth and so on. More than just a simple introduction, if you pay attention to their own home, you will find home textile almost everywhere.
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