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by:TONDA     2020-05-20
I, the features of cloth - — Each material has its features, this is its own conditions and performance. And material properties can be divided into the original fiber raw material, weave, texture, weight, handle, wearing and cleaning performance, etc. Simple description of fabric weave, texture, weight, wearing performance. 1, weave: including woven fabric and knitting fabric, our clothing mostly with woven cloth, the most common woven cloth has tabby, twill, etc. , is refers to the yarn methodically interweave cloth body structure, the relationship between the fabric texture, and feel heavy. 2, simple sense: each kind of material has its organizational structure, because of the different material and weave, produce different tactile/visual effect. Such as: smooth glossy cotton, soft yarn material, etc. An original cosplay clothes very focus on simple sense, so be careful when you choose cloth oh, it is best to discuss with the tailor tailoring methods and materials. 3, weight: the weight of the fabric is usually refers to the G/M, ( How many grams per meter) 。 This needless to say, want to elegant and a little effect to choose the lighter fabric, and vice versa. Such as coats, skirt, pants and other multi-purpose outside the heavier body fabric, and the shirt with a lighter material, in addition, the fabric also have a close relationship with season, autumn and winter basically with the heavier body fabric, mayday forever love will basically and lighter fabrics. 4, wearing and cleaning performance: the performance is wearing clothes are durable, cleaning performance refers to the clothings can machine wash or hand wash or dry cleaning. This is very important for daily wear clothes, but as for cosplay clothes, generally can be ignored. Sometimes in order to achieve the original effect of BT needs to use the cloth of very troublesome, and clothes are not often wear, will be sacrificed ease of wearing and cleaning performance.
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