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The quilt manufacturer method was used to identify cotton - tell you Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-05
Improvement of living standards, 'one-size-fits-all' past bedding market situation, now is gone. 'The market opened, bedding on the style, design, color is more and more tend to fashion, satisfied now young people pursuit of fashion, follow and taste new demand. Ms. Qian, 'the personage inside course of study of cotton from natural, green and safety; Compared with other chemicals from the actual use quilt, with long is not easy to agglomerate, after the sun and sweet sweet taste, give a person a kind of comfort; Emotionally speaking, many people use cotton products, at an early age to have a natural affinity, so there are still a lot of people hope to return to the cotton by market. Cotton is want to development, the key is to update the management idea, to rethink its packaging. She said analysis, underwear, towels and other cotton fabrics price does not poor, also very hot sales or marketing, marketing to do well is a big reason. Wool was launched on the market is also after repackaging, marketing tool are also constantly updating, cotton was business also need related businesses, please think about what countermeasures. Identify the cotton brooch in any parts of the cotton quilt oblique, inserted in turn two laps, and bring out some cotton, you can check. Does not damage the cotton quilt, also need not fear of illegal profiteers with sandwich miantai deceive. Cotton: the most commonly used method is 'a look at the two burning three stretch'. 1, look at the color of the cotton core: good general colour and lustre downy, cotton core is white or ivory. Colour and lustre is super white or yellow alert. 2, see the state after burn, burn, take out a little pure cotton by hand a twist without particles, formed globular doped fiber of a burn. After 3, stretching of cotton fiber in two or three centimeters, if it is too short can be recycle. ( Recycle is shorter than 1. 5 cm) In a mall, the reporter happened to choose winter was a pair of young couples after 80, they were on wool and silk by special love, is to choose. 'Silk is light and soft, appearance also beautiful fashion, now young people don't have to cotton was the' marriage. Miss wang said, cotton was the sense that gives a person special soil, and again, don't care for it very much. A pair of old couple years came from different places also accustomed to cover with cotton were, the old man think cotton is the advantage of no parasitism, natural environmental protection, but the disadvantage is that cotton is too much, and stiff moldy easily when it's be affected with damp be affected with damp. Their quilts, they say, probably every five or six years to play cotton shop renovation once, but now 'on television exposure too many black heart cotton', some shop used cotton quality is really too, and before the flowers of the crop of contrast. Understands from SMC, regular processing cotton batting manufacturers on the market at present already disappeared, SMC has to stop selling quilt. Investigate its reason, lies in cotton purchase price is high, the quilt production costs increase, the profit space squeezes, manufacturers and retailers are facing losses. Miss a thick quilt 'old' market demand ', 'for the merchants and manufacturers, natural product with no market without the enthusiasm of the production and sales, the product also will disappear naturally. However, as I recently for a period of time only to find that after 80, many from the north and the age around friends are asking each other: wuxi where can buy made of pure cotton bedding? Some friends also specially to the alley to look for, see if there are any kind of small workshops of cotton, and for those high-end portable bedding, friends complain: 'good is good, light is light, but the really resist cold winter night, ensure a warm night's sleep or is it just an old quilt'. In addition to the boys from the north, tin city also expressed some of the old people now buy cotton is regret, also kua quilt of a lot of good, 'cotton by press, can separate the wind, in a little sunshine can sterilization fluffy', who demand is still pretty much. Some home textiles sales people also told me, now manufacturers do not even do less quilt. Now, when it comes to the development of the enterprise, always said how companies on the market of high-end course how to create a sophisticated, admittedly, consumer need to upgrade, the market also need to develop. Senior product developing high-end product brand and enterprise development is due, but for some consumer goods, devote herself really only need to just go to the 'high-end' products. Remember not long ago, the Internet it is said that the United States a well-known cosmetics company wants to buy a daily skin care brand in China, it is said that this lotion brand never played advertising, belongs to the typical low-end products, but as much as its annual sales 3. 4 billion yuan, don't know if the foreign enterprise development space have peaked, but we're going to preempt the high-end. The daily moisturizers believe everybody knows. Is too quilt more profits is too low, and the service life of a bed quilt 'is too long,' with long renovation still can continue to use again after several years, for the manufacturers, 'worth'. , it seems, is not no market, but the product profit is too small, the market has been artificially 'short'. Cotton is, however, was the winter of warm home textiles bedding.
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