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by:TONDA     2020-05-16
Abstract: along with the weather getting warm, summer is come. Spinning le bedding expert clew summer be with care and do not careless use of casual, spinning music under the bed is tasted experts in detail for you summer is maintenance tips. Keywords: summer is used to maintain spinning shijiazhuang quilts & comforters processing factory advice: when using the best cover bedding bag, convenient washing, replacement. Summer is thin, easy to collection and maintenance. If it is spun rayon do fillings, ordinary cotton fabric is of summer, can directly into the washing machine to clean. If the cork in the summer is, it is best to cover the quilt cover, so easier to daily change and washing. Silk by nursing is simpler, the quilt regular store no mold cavity, often just beating the quilt, increases the quilt the fluffy. Such as the need to be cleaned, use only dry cleaning. When use, although its soft tactility will lure you direct contact with the skin, but to set it on a bed of fine texture of cotton bedding bag would be more appropriate, nursing rise more convenient also. Wool blanket of care is not like imagination of so complicated, spinning bed is tasted, experts say, only occasionally wet wash or dry cleaning at P60 degrees, and then drying. When washing, to maintain the wool luster and soft, had better choose wool dedicated neutral detergent. First put a blanket in the soluble detergent in warm water for 30 minutes, repeatedly squeezed with the hand 3 ~ 5 minutes after rinse, drain the water, air is basked in. In addition, the summer sweat, often take out the quilt bask in the sun not only has the effect of sterilization, antibacterial, still can make the quilt more loose and soft. Drying time should choose between at 10 a. m. and 3 p. m. , through chaoyang can remember the quilt direct exposure in the sun.
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