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by:TONDA     2020-05-19
Now families in winter season or other silk by the choose and buy, but do you know how different season silk by the choose and buy? In the south, the annual average temperature in winter in more than 10 degrees, generally don't need very thick silk by, can choose silk by filling weight at about 2000 grams, 2000 grams of a bed of silk by the equivalent of a bed 6 jins to cotton by 7 kg, porous silk from the empty can keep more so than cotton was more warm air. In central China, generally refers to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river, the lowest temperature in winter not less than 5 degrees below zero, typically take mulberry silk was the winter of 2500 grams, and of course some people are afraid of the cold can add a blanket on it for the winter. In northern China usually have central heating in the winter, the winter selection of silk quilt can choose in the 1500 - 2000 gram, enough for the winter. In most of the time in the spring and autumn season is recommended to use 1500 grams of silk by, generally the longest period of time, about 4 - year 6 months, this time is the main consumption silk by time, is the best wedding season. In central China is hot, general rarely used silk by, in the north have a lot of sales market, the north really hot time is not long, 500 - 800 grams of air conditioning is very popular, of course, the south is open air conditioning consumers like silk air conditioning, generally the filling quantity of air conditioning is at least 350 g can be used, such as silk air conditioning is very thin, some manufacturers, and even can be washed silk by. We suggest don't washed silk by, not to say that cannot be washed, I also have washed silk by the experience of air conditioning, does not have great influence on inner core of silk by. If you are living, you can also choose silk lash is, what birdcall mother be? Thick silk by mean a bed, a bed thin silk by, two quilt by tape or some way to form a thick bed was a quilt cover, so can save a bed be winter. Different areas can choose different weight, of course, for example the south can choose 500 + 1500 grams of the two kinds of filling weight, to achieve the best effect. In the middle and the north can choose 1000 + 1500 grams or 800 + 1700 grams of filling effect, with the best effect in line with the use of the local habits.
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