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The quilt manufacturer to teach you how to identify silk by? - - - - - - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-19
Identification of silk was good or bad has a 'one minute' three steps. The first step, the consumer fingers hard twist silk by any parts are available, and twiddle with stiff rod said inferior raw materials, exquisite and smooth as the master raw material. The second step, silk by commonly has a small mouth, zippers, unzip, colour and lustre like pearls, no pungent smell smell for market. Third step, a finger pinch silk by any part of the, feel is exquisite and smooth after taste. Consumers can choose different price to pinch the silk, feel is going to have the obvious gap. In addition, the following method can distinguish silk of true and false. Burning method: silk is burned into ashes, immediately fast burning, burning after a SongSanZhuang gray, with a smell of burning hair. Stretching method: good silk stretchability, also long silkworm line, after drawing the longer the better the quality, usually good mulberry silk can pull up to 100 centimeters of above. Dissolved method: using 84 disinfectant for dissolution test, if they are real silk, into 84 disinfectant, three to five minutes after the silk will gradually be disinfectant solution. Silk by considerations of choose and buy one. Q. First understand the silk by the core category information, mulberry silk and tussah silk, or artificial silk. This can ask the clerk, at the same time see the introduction, note that the artificial silk, in fact, a kind of synthetic chemical fiber, silk. 2. Smell. Silk is a kind of natural fiber, which consists mainly of animal protein real silk by animals should have peculiar smell. Smell of silk by is the core carefully, can't say the scents of animal protein is standard must be true silk by, but no animal protein is certainly not new true silk by smell.
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