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by:TONDA     2020-05-16
Both the degree of warm quilt, and the indoor temperature will have an impact on sleep quality. Perception of temperature is different from person to person, each person's body temperature is different, if you want to have a moderate degree of warming comfortable sleep, not only need to create a moderate indoor temperature, and sensitivity to changes in temperature of according to oneself choose suitable for the quilt. The quilt common on the market size is 150 * 200 ( Suitable for single bed) 、200×200( Suitable for 5 feet, double bed) And 240 x 200 ( Suitable for 6 ft double bed) 。 Buy a big size, as far as possible when buying a quilt to avoid gu head regardless of the foot. The warmer the more quilt is not thick, the quilt warm degrees depends on a variety of comprehensive factors, such as the type and quantity of the filler, even the processing technology, sewing method will have an effect on the degree of warm quilt. Afraid of the cold, people can choose double cover a quilt, because two can increase the temperature in the quilt. Weight: the weight of the quilt thickness with moderate advisable. The expert thinks, the weight of the quilt will produce great influence on the quality of sleep. Heavy quilt puts pressure on the chest, decrease lung capacity, easy nightmares: devotion to the quilt is not good, sleep may make people feel unease. Had better choose according to his be fond of a little of the weight of the quilt, such as quilts & comforters, seven holes are. Thickness: from a medical point of view, the quilt is too thick can make the bed temperature, speed up metabolism, can make blood concentration after sweat out sticky stiff, thereby increasing the risk of vascular obstruction. Permeability: a quilt of permeability of bed humidity, the humidity inside the bed is also an important factor to affect sleep. When sleeping, because of the sweat evaporation, bed humidity higher than 60%, often make the skin stimulation. The relative humidity inside the bed remained at 50% ~ 60% is the best. But the quilt to build small environment will be affected by the geographical, seasonal. The southern climate is damp, permeability is good quilt will give people comfort, had better choose silk by, seven holes were, etc. And in the dry and cold areas, good permeability is not suitable for the demands of environmental humidity, might as well build a quilt. Temperature: according to research, bed temperature at 32 ℃ - 34 ℃, when people are most likely to fall asleep. Bed temperature is low, need to use temperature after heat, long time not only USES the body's heat, and surface undergo a period of time after cold stimulation, can make the brain cortex, and delay the sleep time, or to cause sleep is not deep.
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