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by:TONDA     2020-05-16
Low porous fibers were often hear people say 'seven holes by', 'nine holes were,' whether the 'seven holes', 'nine holes' is what mean? Originally, this saying is 'fibre is' different classification. Cotton fibre is also known as the 'space', is made from materials such as polyester fiber, synthetic fiber, in the 'hole' refers to a fiber tubular parts, number of holes in front of the hollow of the fiber used in number. On the market of the fiber was mainly divided into four holes, seven holes three and nine holes, the quality evaluation of general points by hole number, hole number quilt, the higher the permeability, the more the better the quality. The softness and elasticity of the fibre is extremely high, heat preservation is also very good. Fiber is that the benefits of tubular porous fiber high in the air, so warm and has a certain toughness, in addition, a lot of fibre is through technical processing, has insect-resistant effect, can remove bedding often the microorganisms, such as mite bug is good for health. Low fibre is cleaning methods: can directly into the washing machine washing, or washed by hand in cold water, but when cleaning should pay attention to don't use washing powder heavy rubbing, should choose detergent, and washing time not too long, half an hour is preferred. Washed fibre is not deformation, but remember must be thoroughly dried, otherwise it will affect its service life. Low down if you are a high quality requirement on living the kind of person, might as well choose a good duvets, it not only has the very good warmth retention property and softening property, no pressure and hot feeling, and have the function of moisture absorption perspiration. Feather is a kind of animal protein, than the plant fiber such as cotton and so on heat preservation capacity, high feather itself stereoscopic triangle frame structure can store a large amount of air, the air itself is a poor conductor, therefore glinting air can resist external and the loss of their own body temperature. In addition, duvet can often keep fluffy. As compared with the same volume of quilts & comforters, duvets the lightest weight, only 2 to 3 jins, is about a quilt of 1, 3, 1, 2, wool and silk quilt. In addition, duvet is very durable, do not harden, deformation, usually life for two hundred and thirty years. Duvet maintenance before first use, please in direct sunlight place air basks in 60 minutes; When using, should add sets of bedding bag, in order to avoid clean duvet chores; Seasons, 3 ~ 4 hours in the air below sunshine is basked in, and then stored in good ventilation, dry environment. Low natural silk by silk quilt made with natural silk, breathable, soft, feel comfortable is the biggest characteristic of it, one even described it as the 2nd skin of the people, the degree of 'intimate' visible silk cotton. Silk is natural animal protein fiber, high moisture absorption, air permeability, known as 'fiber queen'. With silk silk by filling, can let the skin sweat freely, secretion, keep skin clean, the person feel comfortable. According to the quality of the silk used in different degree, divided into ordinary silk, filament and pig DuSi categories, such as filament silk slender than general, and the best quality for the pig DuSi. Silk quilt warm degree points by weight, generally there are a kilo to six catties of silk cotton to choose from, the heavier thermal capacity is higher, can choose depending on your needs, if in winter, single is commonly 4 jins, double is 5 kg or so can reach to keep warm. Low silk by maintenance: 1. Should not be stored in ventilated dry place, under heavy pressure for a long period of time. 2. Hang on a regular basis. Silk was drying should be in the breeze and the natural environment of tuyere, drying time is commonly 4 to 5 hours. 3. Do not allow water to wash silk. Can only wash bedding bag outside. Low silk by cleaning methods: not washed, can choose a sunny day, on the balcony light tan, but bear in mind that unfavorable exposure, drying time also shoulds not be too long, an hour or so. Duvet: can't washed, does not need frequent drying and never sun, just in the ventilated place to dry for 1 hour. Low cleaning method of wool is not washed, only suitable for dry cleaning. Drying in the sun, 30 minutes to an hour, can achieve sterilization, to the effect of moisture, not exposure.
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