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by:TONDA     2020-05-15
First select doupion silk cocoons, Is there are two of the silkworm chrysalis) Burn - — Dial - — Open - — Rachel: 1, burn: ( The most important) based Cooked cocoon, cocoon cooking is very exquisite, first is must grasp the time, cooking is too bad, in the words of the countryside is after doing the quilt is not firm, then affects the processing, born too on the finished product will also block in my life. In addition to join the ingredients to the quantitative. Some manufacturer in pursuit of silk of whiteness, add excessive bleaching agent, specific this dongdong will not affect the silk fiber, I haven't studied, but for my own use silk in the countryside is not add brightener. The silkworm cocoon one by one on the hand, removed the faded from silkworm pupa and its black leather ( Some quilts filled with small black spots is this dongdong didn't pick clean) , there will always be a little bit in the process of the removal of silk adhesion, this become silk floss silk machine can be used to, can also be processed into a quilt, the price is low, there is some time when we choose double cocoon cocoon ( Such as thin cocoon) Remove the thin cocoon machine can also be used to machine silk cotton piece. Dial the specific methods: the finest double cocoon just in hand dial 5 about pulling into a small piece. This process is one of the best in the flow of clean water. 3, open the small pieces on the fixed mold shape ( Pay attention to the uniform) , usually with five small pieces, then use dryer dry, attention must be very dry, or silk will not so soft. Dry! Must be very dry! This is into a quilt of semi-finished products, once we here have a wenzhou businessmen wholesale semi-finished products when asked us 'that kind of like the hat' haha, brilliant! 4, ( The final key) Adopt the way of four people to draw in the last two years, the 'hat' pull the entire quilt size, the other is two people, a quilt pieces fit together, now have their own home or it. To pay attention to when even, the experienced teacher, please. Ok, so silk tube forming, skim gauze of cotton to cover on the outer trim, to close oh, cotton or cotton high density wide sets. ( Inner tube set a lot of manufacturer can use some spelling a narrow slightly less fabric, the price is lower) 1, silk is also called silk cotton, that kind of white steam filature in Lei factory is doing the home textiles, not doing a quilt, silk 2 is used for a long time is always not new so fluffy, but always very soft, very close, to renovate can on both sides and then add some new silk cotton.
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