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The quilt manufacturer to tell you what material is the core of good - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-19
By core as the main part of the quilt, of course, is very important. So, how to choose by core? Here to those of you who are want to buy or hesitation, providing experience and reference. Fiber by core fibre by core, as the name implies, its internal padding for fiber. Fibre is feel is exquisite, close skin, breathable, moisture absorption, heat preservation. Fibre is bore can be divided into four, seven and nine holes are, the more the number of holes warmth retention property, elasticity and permeability is better. Fibre is a feather light texture, can cause the skin's metabolism, and good health. Quilt quilt at core as a natural product, no stimulation, not cashmere, and silk duvet core by core belong to animal fiber may produce allergic to the skin, the absorption capability is strong, and often bask in, will be more fluffy and warm. Quilts are durable, personal warmth, it is very economical by a core. Wool is core of wool is should be the most close-fitting quilt, wool fiber has good crimpness, so its thermal insulation is unassailable. And wool and has good drapability, accordingly close-fitting sex is good. So close, comfortable is the most obvious feature of the wool by core. Silk is the core of the best silk by should be made with 100% of mulberry silk padding. Because silkworm chemicals such as pesticides cannot be touched in the process of growth, so the silk by should be the most environmentally friendly quilt. Silk mainly of animal protein fiber, contains more than ten kinds of amino acids, beneficial to human body, there is wind, dehumidifying, sedative, nourish and balance the body skin effect. Silk by core feel is soft, fluffy and clean environment.
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