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The quilt manufacturer to tell you what should be paid attention to bask in the quilt? - - - - - - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-17
1. Bask in the quilt of time longer, and more. The quilt is not bask in the longer, the better, usually at 11 am to 2 PM, best air is basked in two or three hours. In winter, the quilt bask in three or four hours in the sun, up to a certain degree of cotton fiber, inflation. If the time is long, more sun, quilt fiber will shorten and easy to fall off. Feather and wool was never exposure, high temperature can make the feather and the change of wool oil from the smell, this kind of quilt in ventilated place to dry for 1 hour. If it is a synthetic fiber quilts & comforters, also is a two hours in the sun. 2. Bask in the quilt regardless of the outside. If is the quilt, chemical fiber fabrics, when the sun on the quilt cover a thin cloth. Wool quilt and duvet outdoor sun, also need to covered a layer of cloth. 3. Bask in the quilt when pat dust removal. Cotton fiber is thick, short, fragile. Synthetic fiber synthetic blankets general thin and long, relatively easy to deformation, once the flap, the fiber will not tighten by reduction, become a harden. In fact, bask in the quilt use broom to sweep the dust.
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