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The quilt retail to teach you how to choose and buy feather products - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-14
China down industrial association advises consumers to regular mall or store to buy feather products, and recommend consumers to purchase on 'feather products reputation guarantee logo' feather products. Generally speaking, the choose and buy feather products can follow the following a few simple steps: a see: for product quality label, whether to have production factory name, whether what filler is velvet, HanRongLv, filling and RongLiang fabrics, the composition of material. 2: the feather products relax smooth, to restore its natural for 3 minutes, reoccupy hand press products, then the hand, to see if products will rebound soon recover, such as not up or springback is slow, poor quality of filling material, such as no resilience, the filling material is likely to be a feather or other long wool FenSuiMao rather than down. Three: feel with the hand touch pinch try its soft degree, whether full or too little rushes greater than thick long feather, feather tube, etc. Such as soft and full of small rushes, is authentic products. Long as there have been greater than the coarse wool, soft but resilience poor, rather than soften rushes down. Such as soft but have short and thick hard scape FenSuiMao, this kind of clothes do not have heat preservation performance. Four: flap forcibly products, look have without dust overflow. If no dust overflow is a good product, if there is any dust overflow is done for FenSuiMao or dust wool products, generally not suitable for wearing. Knead five: with both hands rub down and feather products, see if there is a plush drilled, if you have any plush drill is not down-proof fabric for use. Six: smell with nose close to feather products to do deep breathing several times, and compared with general fabrics, for odor or smell. No smell the best, if there are any obvious smell should not be wearing. Seven phase modulation: ok one weighed down products with the hand, watch the size of the volume and weight of the lighter, the greater the volume for the market. Same weight, such as HanRongLv 30%, volume is more than twice as cotton; If HanRongLv by more than 70%, the volume is greater than the cotton more than two times. Eight try: down jacket of choose and buy must try it on, pay special attention to the chest to be modest, a sweater, and wear down jacket, to feel neither tight or loose, just calculate wear suits.
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