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The quilt wholesale belt you know the most simple method - washing duvets Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-15
Many people have found that their good wrests washing duvets, can dry fabrics tend to appear many white soap stains, frustrating. So, how to washing duvets to avoid this kind of phenomenon? Originally, wash down jacket or duvet washing liquid concentration is limited. In general, with two basin water into four or five tablespoons of detergent advisable, too thick, not easy to remove all washing liquid when washing in shots, air-dried fabrics tend to appear on the front say those Bai Sezao stains, and feather as containing certain washing powder affects the volume of feather, reduce its thermal performance. In order to avoid the down jacket or soap stains on duvet fabrics, in addition to properly grasp the washing liquid concentration, after up twice, can be in clean water into two small spoon vinegar, vinegar can neutralize down jacket or duvet residual detergents. But must pay attention to, add the vinegar water must be warm water, so the washing liquid down jacket or duvet would fully dissolved in the water. If after washing down jacket or duvet for soap stains, usable and clean cotton dipped in industrial alcohol is wiped repeatedly, final reoccupy a hot towel to wipe brush, soap stains can be removed. Emphasize finally, down jacket or duvet after washing must be completely dry. In general don't have to wash.
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