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The quilt wholesale manufacturer to teach you how to practice distinguishing true and false silk by - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-16
First, we need to put forward a definition, what is really good silk by? Give a simple description: mulberry silk (silk by padding should be with 100% Filament) Made and mulberry silk weight is enough, this is also silk by the national standard GB/T24252 - Classy article defined in silk by 2009. Silk was the most important and most valuable materials is the mulberry silk. Silkworms in the entire process of growth, can not contact with any pesticides or chemicals, silk is often treated as the 'green' environmental protection fiber; And, the main components of the silk is animal protein fiber, contains more than ten kinds of amino acids, is also very beneficial to human body, so also someone silk as 'soft gold'. Step one: look at the price ordinary mulberry silk by core ( Not including inner sleeve) Price is about 125 yuan/kg, and hangzhou, Shanghai and other big cities in 260 yuan/jins. Mulberry silk was prices higher in the north, the general is 300 ~ 400 yuan/kg. So the real mulberry silk was, the price is higher, if the prices are surprisingly low, not inferior, is mixed with chemical fibre. Step 2: see the label logo should be a detailed description of the quilt, mulberry silk was truly, can clear bid out the words '100% mulberry silk', and generally tussah silk or short fiber silk by general logo only '100% silk' or 'pure natural silk' and other words. When customers buy so clearly in choosing the best '100% mulberry silk quilt, otherwise it's easy to buy authentic mulberry silk was. Identification sign for the third step: see sewing silk was set in a cool, is commonly used in a fixed position by hand sewing method. So the customer can through bedding bag in the hole to check into the whole silk by using silk, sewn with the square silk is generally difficult to fake. If it is a stitch or other methods, all the quilt a certain part of the suture, could be adulterated. Step 4: to see zipper silk is in general have greater than 60 cm or more openings ( Detection) So that it can be convenient and also willing to accept customer further wire tire internal view of silk. If the quilts are sewing up, or test piece to 60 cm, it is best not to buy the quilt. Widening open as far as possible, in order to observe the large-area was, in order to avoid corners is silk and there is adulterated. Step 5: see corner silk tube, vendors will connect inner tube with four edges of continuous line method and the bedding bag sewn together, to prevent the shift. After fixation, if the quilt four corners and four sides is full, and the middle of the quilt silk thinner ( Not enough full) , can't take the quilt, and the quilt silk displacement and deformation becomes easier. Not a good silk by. A good silk quilt is thicker than the edges slightly among the quilt, give silk fully extended space.
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