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by:TONDA     2020-05-16
How to choose and buy the quilt duvets - — — The most lightsome quilt duvet main filler is goose down and duck down two. Compared the two, goose down was better than duck down. But no matter what kind of duvets, the main quality indexes for downcontent. Generally speaking, HanRong by more than 50% for high quality duvet. Advantages: good warmth retention property, and has good hygroscopicity, perspire all over, relatively dry. To adapt to the crowd: for duvet also has the characteristics of light, soft, soft, and its weight, much lighter than the quilt, etc, when using the human body will not cause oppressive feeling, therefore is suitable for people with poor circulation high blood pressure, heart disease and the elderly, pregnant women, children, etc. The best silk by should be made with 100% of mulberry silk padding. Because silkworm chemicals such as pesticides cannot be touched in the process of growth, so the silk by should be 'green' the quilt of environmental protection. Advantages: the main composition of silk is animal protein fiber, contains more than ten kinds of amino acids, beneficial to human body. Wool ( Cashmere) Be - — — The most close-fitting quilt. Cashmere is this year's latest product. The characteristics of the wool fiber has good curl, the wool insulation sex is unassailable. And wool and has good drapability, so good close. Advantages: close-fitting, comfortable. Fibre is - — — The cheapest quilt. Of all the quilt, fibre is to should be the most moderate price, the price is in commonly 300 yuan. Fibre is bore hole can be divided into four, seven, nine quilts, and so on, fiber hole number, the more the warmth retention property, elasticity and permeability is better. But when the choose and buy should pay attention to: don't have to choose the fibre is hole number, if the winter indoor temperature is higher, choose four holes were; If have higher request for warmth, the selector aperture is more fiber. Advantages: cheap.
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