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The significance of home textiles for the health

by:TONDA     2020-04-26
With the development of the industry, the increasingly serious environmental pollution, atmospheric carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide increases, these pollutants in addition to the directly damage the respiratory system of human body, still can cause human body skin allergy, affect people's health. Skin is the body is the most important security barrier, as people of their own health care consciousness growing, so it is necessary to maintain healthy skin. Methods in addition to using cosmetics, skin care and body direct contact with the vitamin skin care finishing fabrics as skin protective barrier, is a safe and effective to natural and environmental protection. In addition, the fabric after aroma finishing, through dynamic friction in use, the fabric will pervade the fragrance, aroma four escape, relieve tension, relieve stress and make you excited, and so on. Vitamin aroma finishing of textile fabric is using Beijing clean, cool high-tech co. , LTD. , the development of skin care finishing agent Vc + e, and aroma finishing agent SCM processing and manufacturing, vitamin finishing agent is vitamin C palmitate ( The alias ascorbic acid palmitate) And vitamin E as the main ingredients of the cyst type microcapsules, and aroma finishing agent is by xiang tong as the main ingredients of the cyst type microcapsules. Through extrusion and friction, release skin vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as the fragrance, is a high security protect skin fragrance finishing agent, it no stimulation to skin, no allergic reaction, easy to use, simple and feasible process. This kind of home textiles products have been widely used in cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber fabrics. Microcapsule technology is to use a variety of natural or synthetic material of thin layer coated from tens of nanometers to several hundred microns of gas, liquid and solid particles of a new technology. Microcapsules in micron particle size range, commonly called the bag inside the microcapsule material capsule, capsule core can be solid, can also be a liquid or gas. Microcapsule external form of film forming material package labeling referred to as the wall material. Wall is usually formed by natural or synthetic polymer materials, also may be inorganic compounds. Microcapsule technology advantage lies in the formation of microcapsule, the capsule core materials was enshrouded and environmental isolation with the outside world, the nature of the capsule core materials has no influence to be preserved, and when the time is right, only when people are in touch with the outside world, the capsule wall burst to release vitamin and fragrance, so it can achieve the effect of a slow release, until all the microcapsule, capsule core material is released in full. The life of the general dimension capsule can maintain two years in the store. Referring to the structure of cosmetics, vitamin C and vitamin E for skin with good resistance to oxidation and promote metabolism, so vitamin C and vitamin E skin care for us to sort out of choice. After lots of experiments and tests, we found that the activity of vitamin C is extremely high material, after finishing on the fabric, it has a fatal weakness is that it is easy oxidation, which creates a skin care finish fabric after a certain time, vitamin C composition oxidation, activity is missing, no vitamin C due effectiveness. In addition, in the finishing process, the addition of other additives, drying and finalize the design temperature leads to accelerate the oxidation process of vitamin C. How to keep the activity of vitamin C, and it is not easy to be oxidized, maintain the long-term effect of vitamin. Through a large number of screening test, considering the vitamin content of active ingredients, and considering the safety of human body, its our last selected vitamin C palmitate ( The alias L - Ascorbic acid palmitate) As the core material of microcapsule, and obtained ideal effect. Spice materials choose safe, non-toxic, no stimulation to skin, no allergic reaction of organic spices of environmental protection, its fragrance is pure, fragrant, main scent of lavender, cologne, forest incense, flowers, incense, jasmine, rose, green apple, lemon zest, etc. Also can be in some specific purposes, choose natural flavor, but its disadvantage is that the cost is high, the other little scent, is limited in use. General of the microcapsule wall material and no affinity between fiber, to join in the process of finishing fixation agent to make the micro capsule combined with fiber, it is the key to the treated fabric features durable process. Chooses the fixation agent must meet the following condition, first need to choose low formaldehyde fixation agent and needs to be done under the condition of low temperature curing process, the microcapsule and fabrics combined with strong. In addition, after curing with good softness, fabric is not hard, has a good feel. Now to Beijing jie er great hi-tech co. , LTD. , production of skincare finishing agent Vc + e and aroma finishing agent SCM and fixation agent SCJ - 939 as an example introduces the processing procedure.
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