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by:TONDA     2020-04-08
Shijiazhuang curtain manufacturers - — Spinning le home textiles recently look to buy the friends of the curtain, is very concerned about this style of the curtain. Want to coordinated and the integral style of the home. But for the style of the curtain is not very understanding. Shijiazhuang spinning textile co. , LTD. , today is to say the style of the curtain of! — — The curtain style - — 1, modern wind, northern wind, minimalist wind what they have in common is contracted. General with black and white ash or low-key deep blue and the color is given priority to. Modern wind: the earth tones and a chair in the graph mutual echo, or in terms of environmental black and white ash can be used. Northern wind: how is given priority to with gray, in order to build a large amount of white space effect. Minimalist wind: broken away from the house of representatives, display rarely, gray purple curtain to let a space look more atmosphere. 2, the European wind, French, British wind elegant wind is their common, from the house is on the disposal of soft outfit is the concept of luxury, what is a good color curtain to highlight their elegant and comfortable? Gold, silver, alternating with white made the curtain of the sitting room can cause attention can also be integrated into the environment. European wind: in different gold highlights the noble temperament. French wind: no wonder that Chinese romantic, you can see from the arrangement of the curtain. British wind: full range wall of white with black border, and environmental photograph echo, also more prominent the window. 3, Mediterranean wind, American style, both have in common is on the color is not very make public, not too full, strong color, some prefer to natural and pure and fresh colour is more. Mediterranean style: even though is a popular style of many years ago, but with good still stood. In particular, children room. American style: the modern American style using the stripe and plaid a lot, because most of the American furniture straightforward, with the line clean concise bright curtains, will balance each other. 4, southeast Asia, the Japanese style, Chinese style: they all represent strong ethnic color, sitting room curtain what color good, of course, is the need of choose and buy according to their furniture. Southeast Asia: colorful but most dark brown color, so generally use cream-colored curtain. Japanese: what colour quietly elegant let a sitting room curtain well become the hardest choices, but most people will choose to floor almost beige, followed by white, gray, and indigo. Chinese style: the curtain to choose most also is given priority to with brunet. 5,, Bohemian, DIY style usually, this is not in the true sense of the curtain, is generally not shading, have adornment effect. It can reflect master personality most. Special love to play and confident, like baby can try to DIY. With you together of the time are so brightly because of the good weather every day because of the bad weather because the weather is just right, is very good
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