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by:TONDA     2020-05-14
1. To prevent the quilt was dirty, when using, should set of bedding bag, if had been defiled, duvet should send dry cleaners dry cleaning, and general fiber can be directly machine wash. Duvet after down-proof fabric is treating, there is a little small hole will be out of down and feather, so be careful when using, avoid sharp thorns cut the quilt. Will choose the good weather, the quilt in well ventilated and no direct sunshine place Yin tan, at 10 o 'clock in the morning until 3 PM is the best time. Best will be taking down when dry. When collection will quilt fully dry and stored in a well-ventilated place, can be appropriately in the pest control. Duvet identification method: using acrylic fake feather products made of cotton to add a few feather, identification method is: ( 1) Touch. The feather products often depends on the surface of a spread a layer of down and feather, and affixed lining is acrylic cotton. Buy outside with hand touching the carefully, like a touch some hair stem, while the other side is very soft and smooth, consider may be counterfeit products. ( 2) Pat. With both hands respectively from the same part and the inside of the flap padding to the same direction, if it is real feather products, will be due to take out the part of the feather concentrated, and the other part where there is sunshine will be bright. If you have any acrylic cotton flocculant is fake feather products, won't appear this kind of circumstance. With hairs Dang feather products, identification method is: ( 1) Smell. If there is a feather products smelling stock gamey smell smell, can determine is untreated down. ( 2) Pat. When the choose and buy with hand taps a feather products, if appear dustiness trace on the dusty or fabric, could be made wool feather products. Made of crushed velvet feather products, identification method is: ( 1) Touch. Domestic eiderdown downcontent between 50% and 70%, while more of the other ingredients are fine wool ( Xiaomao terrier, 。 If the whole feather products feel is very soft, touch less than a bit of hair stem, consider whether for the production of crushed velvet feather products. ( 2) Weigh in hand. The feather down jacket made of light weigh in hand in hand, quilted. While the feather products made of crushed velvet feel heavy. ( 3) Pat. To avoid hair products on the counter, gently with the hand. If the volume is high, it is top grade, such as the coma death, such as cotton, more for the production of crushed velvet feather products.
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