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by:TONDA     2020-04-13
The stand or fall of bed is tasted the effects on the human body, believe that everyone heard. Mention children bed is tasted, requires even more attention when the choose and buy, health and safety etc. Words appear in our mind. In addition, the correct method of use is not negligible, spinning today happy home textiles will introduce the correct way of using the children's bed sheets and quilt. Today spinning joy home textiles will introduce children the correct way of using the sheets and quilts. The use of children's bedding sheets parents can prepare 3 - for more than your child Article 6 the cotton sheets, in order to clean, needs to give priority to. If you don't want a mess of twist with children, in addition to the purchase of large size sheet, can set aside extra sheets can be folded under the mattress; Can also be sheet after four knot tied under the bed; Or on market now has four corners are elastic sewing equipment, will be a good way to solve the sheet run. Additional sheet under the mattress, set on a strong, thick layer of plastic covers, can be used as waterproof. Even baby diapers leaking, only need to replace a new sheet with respect to OK. Children's use of small quilt bed is tasted first checks the quilt or blanket have thread; If you have, it must be cut, in order to prevent the baby's hand is entangled in the thread. In addition, if the baby wrapped in a blanket, can choose thin cotton blanket, easy packing, breathable light feeling, also can let the baby more comfortable. But in the package, should not be leaving a hole, so the baby is in danger of choking easily. If that is to older children to cover with quilt son, can use a sleeping bag quilt cover the quilt, or on both sides of the plug into the mattress can be fixed, prevent the baby quilt kicked out. The old old quilts, blankets, don't be so quick to lose! These can be used as a pad be or sheet to use it!
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