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by:TONDA     2020-04-01
Sleep, sweat, etc from the body contains organic ingredients, such as protein ( Precipitation has been modified) , fat, etc. , these ingredients stick on the fabric, the deposition in the cracks in the fabric, accumulated for a long time, will naturally make a quilt pillow became pale yellow. Do how? Continue to affect beautiful, threw a good waste of oh. Spinning home textile experts think: want to restore sparkling white clothes, you have to try. First of all, it is recommended that you do not use 84,84 is oxidation bleaching, politeness can make the clothes, the carbonized organic matter such as oil, it will destroy the clothes fiber components. Some simple ways to help you. 1. Wash rice water + orange peel is simple and effective: keep washing rice water or the orange peel into the pot cooked in water, the yellow on the pillowcase of the rubbing can easily to restore its pure white. Not only simple, also don't like the fluorescent whitening agent selling market will cause side effects to the skin without harming the fabric, is the good method that's worth a try. (2) the yellow stains, sweat with ammonia removal: produced by the sweat be soiled, because contain fat sweat, easy condensation inside the cloth fiber, when washing so add 2 tablespoons of ammonia, soak a few minutes later, scrub, and then use clean water, according to general procedures, can remove yellow sweat! You can also try the milk! Feel very trouble? Actually these small method actually can only solve the surface phenomenon, if is a yellowing of the pillow core is core, is it apart wash? Spinning vitality home textiles secretly tell you, curing quilt pillow core, never need to bother. In recent years, the spinning textile by cross-industry integration of resources, the introduction of washing industry many experts, combined with our pure bacteria technology, across the country preparing to open 'spinning LeJie bacteria house'. Through our professional washing processing, the original no clean bacteria function of bedding also will have clean bacteria function. This not only solves the broad consumer bedding, the difficulty of cleaning, but also can make your bedding has a strong cleaning bacteria function. Do you think, with this technology, pillow core yellow at core, is the problem? Our home textile product maintenance and cleaning, clean bacteria treatment in addition to can do for you, at the same time also provide customized services such as a variety of plus breeding, and sweet. Using our patented technology, make all kinds of natural nutrients and natural essential oil, deep inside fabric, then through temperature changes during sleep, slow release. So during your sleep, achieve the effect of all kinds of health care and sweet atmosphere SPA, for a third of the time in life to become more natural regeneration. No matter you are directly using buy our life home textile products, let you enjoy a more clean and sanitary, healthy sleep environment, improve the quality of your sleep and quality of life, let you sleep better, deeper sleep.
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