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by:TONDA     2020-05-03
Abstract: it is a year spring, the weather gradually warm, consumers are starting to prepare to purchase spring bed is tasted. However, the wide variety of products out of our field of vision, in front of the choice of many, many people are confused and lost, I don't know how to choose the suitable for their own good home textiles. How to choose suits own home textile products? Small make up to consult the spinning le home textiles fabrics expert relevant personage to help you! Keywords: spring, summer, bed is tasted, good home textile spinning joy home textile first, bedding fabrics mainly cotton, mostly because it is direct contact with body, be sure to choose the soft fabrics such as pure cotton, silk, the bedding, feel is good, the heat preservation performance is strong, also facilitate clean, had better choose to adopt green dye dyeing cotton high-density fabric, such as spinning home textile soft times, super softness of the fabric. Because natural cotton with human skin very good affinity, wet absorption gas well, safe, comfortable, no stimulation. Other materials such as hemp, wool, lace are generally as collocation. The skin texture of fabric, the better, feel more tender, more suitable for people to sleep. Second, design to decorate a style to match. As a decoration textiles, whether it can create a comfortable, warm family atmosphere, is people choose the principle of bedding. The colour collocation of the bedding if with the surrounding environment, quality of a material performance, designs ingenious combination, can form protean adornment effect, when the choice to consider. Different colors to different psychological feeling, looks comfortable and harmonious colour can rest easy night, whereas the color of the uncomfortable, can make you feel discomfort or irritation. Choose bedding color, at the same time of care oneself be fond of, also want to take care of the environment around, look at the bed fabric is in harmony with the surrounding environment. The collocation of color between, because the color of high purity, strong personality, easy to show luxuriant effect. In spring and summer, experts recommend the use of tonal quietly elegant bed is tasted, can alleviate the mood, sleep better, such as spinning home textile tencel series of bedding, with natural and elegant design and comfortable tactility for many consumers. At the same time, should pay attention to pin number cloth. The more fabric knitting needle, said that the fabric is washable and durable. General number 200 bedding standard needle, but poor quality may only 100 needles. In fact, with the naked eye can see the fabric density, if compare with the hand area of the same quality of fabric, cloth 100 than 200 needle twice as heavy. General cloth will after singeing mercerizing finishing process, it is not easy pilling, also not easy to fade, if not through this process, with the hand touch the fabric back and forth, will feel more rough, washed several times may be pilling. In addition, all cotton bedding softer, porosity is high, but the price is more expensive, so now there are some cotton, and man-made fiber products, this kind of fabric after wash water will not too wrinkled, but most to be ironed after washing of cotton. Quilted or air conditioning is choose and buy, want to pay attention to the precision of the jumper wire bead road, car line where most commonly can see technical content.
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