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by:TONDA     2020-05-04
Shijiazhuang le home textiles home textiles manufacturers of spinning production of home textiles coarse process USES is pure manual production, is green, environmental protection, natural cloth art products. It is thick and coarse feel to the touch, hand feeling is very comfortable. Coarse culture in China's history is very long, has a history of more than one thousand three hundred years in China. Coarse because it is handmade so they are called hand or cloth weaving. Due to the handmade coarse than mechanism has many advantages, so in today require low carbon, environmental protection requirements of life, is sought after by people. The advantage of coarse textile is a lot of, it is pure natural handmade so is pollution-free, and compared with general cloth art, its permeability is also is very good, easy to absorb sweat, the clothes made of coarse is soft and comfortable is very suitable for the old man. In the winter because the air is dry, clothes are easily electrostatic, coarse linen but do not have to worry about this problem, it is not easy to coarse electrostatic. But also can resist radiation, pregnant women can wear more cloth to make clothes oh. Coarse because of the relatively deep lines, so to form the natural massage spot, can care skin beautifying effect. Because of the special production process, coarse has the characteristics of no edge, no ball. Coarse linen textile also has the function of relieving itching, give a person feel comfortable, to the person's skin no stimulation, and the effect of insect-resistant eat by moth. Coarse quality is very good, general cloth sewing thread and fabric color have off color, and coarse linen sewing thread and fabric color is the same. Coarse 3 cm stitches are generally 12 - 15 stitches, no disorderly thread. Use made of coarse linen bedding can improve the sleep quality of sleep, use coarse can make human body produces warm effect, improve the microcirculation of the human body blood flow, effectively regulate the nervous system, improve sleep quality. Conclusion: coarse linen textile people a lot of support and promotion, spinning le home textile small make up hope it will not only benefit the Chinese people, but also to the world. For the majority of the pursuit of ecological, natural life bring health and warm oh.
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