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by:TONDA     2020-04-23
Bath towel when the choose and buy, should pay attention to the cotton producing area. As the Egyptian long-staple cotton has RongChang ( Fiber length more than 31. 8 mm) , rich silk luster, tough texture, good dyeing effect, so common in high quality bath towel. Choose when buying a bath towel, bath towel quality is determined, first of all depends on whether the coil thick closely. Bath towel by the coil in the more thick, it is synthesized from more yarn, naturally, can quickly absorb moisture from the body. Bamboo fiber towel, strong toughness, texture soft, antibacterial except mites. Bamboo fiber because of its good air permeability, hygroscopicity and unique resilience, instant water imbibition, was regarded as ecological fibers with breathing. Colored cotton towel: made of colored cotton textiles, without chemical dyes in machining process won't produce of the land, water pollution. In textile products do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, azo dye, and has the function of anti-static, stop itch, is worthy of the name 'green products'. Microfiber towel: main material is super fine fiber, superfine fiber diameter 0. 4 microns only 1/10 of silk. Wood fiber towel, pure wood as raw materials extraction fiber, and cotton bath towel natural environmental protection, and wood fiber towel soft, absorbent so fast, is a cotton towel. 5 times. Attention use bath towel bath towel is one of indispensable home textiles products in the domestic life, but people often because they look 'very small' while ignoring its cleaning and maintenance. Small make up remind you, bath towel to often clean air is basked in, don't just hang. 1, bath towel from toilet: if using microscope to observe tiny water droplets splashing the flush the toilet, you will find that they can actually covering several meters high, so any bacteria in the bathroom are likely to run to your bath towel, and our toothbrush can also be doomed. If you put the place near the toilet, bath towel is best to transfer them to a safe place, far from the toilet must be at least 3 meters. 2, often give bath towel sunbathing: put the bath towel in sunlight every day enough balcony or window 'sun'. Especially in the family or colds cough recovered after a couple of days, in addition to regular sun bath towel, should also will fully all towels soaked with disinfectant and wash it. 3, often change bath towel: sensitive skin, color of skin dark, skin condition deteriorated, etc. , are caused by small subcutaneous inflammation. This time, especially pay attention to the health bath towel, bath towel need not too 'luxury', but often in the new, new safety and health must be better than the old.
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