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by:TONDA     2020-04-04
The same material for different weave different feel. Happy home textiles home textiles with spinning is the most common pure cotton fabrics, for example, tabby, twill, satin weave, the three touch touch is a big difference. Plain cloth intersection, more durable, is not easy to pull, performance is good; Twill fabrics have positive and negative, soft, feel comfortable; Satin fabric with high gloss, high to knit, feel is more soft. Another kind of jacquard fabric, is the pattern and weaving a molding, have obvious AoTuGan, stereo sense is strong, have qualitative feeling smooth, can satisfy people's demand for high quality fabric. Different printing and dyeing technology using the same fabrics, will present a different visual effect. Such as common coatings printing and dyeing process, made from physical principle, the color is more, the green environmental protection, color more vivid, stereo sense is strong, safe, no side effects, relative fabric handle hard. Reactive dyeing process, design and color design is formed by chemical principle, soft soft, high color fastness, at the same time, green environmental protection, safe without side effects. In reactive dyeing is divided into flat screen printing and rotary screen printing, but whether the pattern is for a complete picture. Spinning le home textiles home textiles pay attention to scientific research and development, continuous innovation, has special new fabrics and dyeing and printing technology represents one of the world's most advanced printing and dyeing technology and design concept of 'pictorial' series of products. A few days ago, and the advanced transfer printing and simulation rose fabric material used in bed is tasted, the new design of 'optical illusion world' use 50% polyester and 50% cotton mix of simulation rose fabric both advantages, give attention to two or morethings more smooth gently. Used in printing transfer printing paper design to transfer printing on fabric, relative to the traditional printing, decorative pattern is more sophisticated, and no pollution, more secure.
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