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by:TONDA     2020-04-20
Abstract: colour fastness to home textiles is an important measure, it comes to home textiles washing, using questions such as wear-resisting, bed is tasted experts have details for you below. Keywords: colour fastness to home textile 'ecological textile technology demands' textiles must achieve four color fastness, namely, water resistance, resistance to friction, perspiration and saliva. 1, high color fastness home textile products in use process inevitably dealing with water, such as bed sheets, aprons, tablecloths, such as dirty to wash, the curtain on a rainy day may get wet by rain, towel, bath towel and water is not separated. As a result, home textiles products must have a water resistant fastness. 2, rubbing fastness, home textiles products in use process subjected to all kinds of friction, such as the human body and friction between sheets, the sand issued, the headscarf, washing machines friction between all kinds of textiles, towels, bath towel and more friction between the water. So, friction fastness is indispensable. 3. Perspiration fastness to sweat, sweat for the baptism of colored textile clear can lead to its faded and living, such as when people sweat with a towel or handkerchief to wipe the sweat, sweat contact with the sand issued, the back cushion, sleep when sweating on the bed sheet, quilt cover, pillow towel sweat soaked qing, etc. Sweat with acid, alkali, so the color fastness to perspiration also have resistance to acid perspiration and alkaline perspiration. 4. Fastness to saliva infant flow saliva, saliva used apron, quilt cover, cloth toys and infant textiles after contact, the textile is a question of fastness to saliva. Therefore, the requirement of ecological textile technology for infants and young children special request the fastness to saliva.
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