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by:TONDA     2020-04-20
Soy protein is to point to from soy protein or high in soy protein products, soybean protein fiber that you know? When go home textiles brand shop, many consumers should be seen a kind of soybean fibre is, as the name implies, soybean fiber is made of soybean protein fiber quilts. Belong to the regenerative plant protein fiber, soybean protein fiber with the pressed oil of soybean meal as raw material, using biological engineering technology, the globulin extracted soybean meal, by adding functional additive, and nitrile, hydroxyl polymer grafting copolymerization, blending, made from a certain concentration of protein spinning dope, change the protein spatial structure, by wet spinning. Soybean protein fiber was developed by our country textile science and technology workers and became the first in the world to realize the industrialization of high and new technology, so far our country fiber was the only complete intellectual property invention. Due to the characteristics of soybean protein fiber, soybean protein fiber fabric has the following characteristics 1 soft tactility: with soybean protein fiber as raw materials woven fabrics feel soft and slippery waxy, light, has excellent affinity with the skin, like the human body's second skin. 2 guide wet gas: soybean fiber guide wet gas is far better than the cotton, very dry and comfortable. 3 appearance elegant: soybean protein fiber fabric, silk luster, extremely pleasant, its also good drapability, give a person with elegant and free from vulgarity feeling. 4 easy dyeing, acid dyes, reactive dyes dyeing soybean protein fiber, dyeing with reactive dyes, in particular, products bright color and luster, and at the same time in the sun, perspiration fastness is very good, 5 health care: soybean protein fiber contains many amino acids necessary to human body, making this the only plant protein fiber, has the health care function of other fibers have no. Amino acids in soy protein after contact with skin, can activate the skin collagen, restrain skin itching, glow the vitality of the skin. Soybean protein fiber is known as 'healthy and comfortable fiber' in the new century.
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