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by:TONDA     2020-04-23
Long-staple cotton, also called sea island cotton, native to South America, southeast coastal islands which is passed to North America. Named after the deep is longer than ordinary cotton fiber is more soft, and China's leading producer of long-staple cotton in xinjiang long-staple cotton is the most famous. Three major advantages, the mysteries of the long-staple cotton: 1, long growth period, more high quality along with the increasingly serious air pollution, long-staple cotton production is decreasing, cotton is especially valuable, can be comparable to rare diamonds in South Africa. The same condition, long-staple cotton growth period is longer than normal upland cotton 10 - — 15 days, the required quantity of heat, so more high quality. 2, long fiber is soft, more close skin long-staple cotton fiber is thin, long, this characteristic, given its unique flexibility texture, soft skin tactility, and the beautiful luster. The warmth like sleep in the arms of white clouds, breath is pure and fresh and natural, comfortable smells good. 3, heat up quickly, more warm due to the long fiber is soft, heat faster than ordinary cotton fiber, and thus in a more superior thermal performance. Opie long-staple cotton series products of various quality indexes exceed the standards prescribed by the state, the four characteristic is the judging standard of high quality long-staple cotton bed is tasted, please you must personally, personal feeling. 1, the lubricious feeling better, with silky rich luster; 2, the fabric color fastness to higher, wash not fade; 3, wear-resisting durable, wrinkle resistance is better, not easy pilling; 4, platoon is wet sex is good, have more than five times as much as ordinary cotton fabric permeability. China good suite, suite of g. spinning at the same time happy home textiles long-staple cotton series in detail about the show the brand value, the reactive dyeing process, through mercerizing processing, design and color is bright and pure and fresh. By side bed frame embedded delicate white cotton lace, frame the beautiful crescent injection, delicate appearance overall, attention to detail, is different.
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