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by:TONDA     2020-04-20
Two days before spinning joy of home textiles small make up brush in weibo when seeing such a hot search: once upon a time, budget hotel chains had been used to clean the toilet towel to wipe glass, nowadays, five-star hotels also had a similar problem. There in a few days ago, a five-star hotel, why don't you change the sheets, the paper spread on the Internet, poking fun at a circle of friends. This paper, according to staff successively the W hotel Beijing, Beijing sanlitun intercontinental hotel, Beijing Hilton Hotel, JW marriott hotel Beijing, and Beijing shangri-la hotel, 5 five-star hotels found that the hotel has not been 'return a house in the guest room thoroughly change the bed is tasted', three hotels 'sheets and pillow cases did not change. In addition, 5 hotels have not clean bath crock, part of the hotel 'toilet seat, gargle and other not thoroughly clean'. For incident was exposed, said most people difficult to understand, because if it is a budget hotel, in order to save the cost of health problems, although also should not be, but you also know that budget hotel is to save cost. But a five-star hotel is the guest pay expensive rooms, cost control is not strict like economy hotel, therefore, if the five-star hotel also happen this problem, is staggering. Beijing sanlitun surplus center intercontinental press statement said: 'we for the recent media reports of Beijing sanlitun surplus center intercontinental hotel is very concerned about. Can be confirmed that the content of report cannot truly reflect our comprehensive service standard. For a long time, we strictly implement intercontinental hotels and resorts rooms clean process and standards, including every room guest check-out must replacement bedding, toiletries, and cups, bathrobe, etc. , and for overall clean rooms. At present, we are unable to verify the accuracy of the report, but we have already obtained the related video, also on the replacement of recent every guest room supplies and check the number of cleaning cloth grass. According to the record shows that we can transfer to our guest room cleaning process is in line with the brand standards, every change the number of the linen room clean and perfectly. At the same time, we are organizing the housekeeping department staff is housekeeping standards and procedures for training again, make sure that every employee in clean standard and strictly implement the program. In the future we will have more strict inspection, put an end to such incidents from happening. ', according to Beijing LvYouWei official weibo has already started to interview the above 5 hotels, to verify. Actually, make next mark to fluorescent agent, check out the way to check in for testing in foreign countries have occurred, and also reached a similar conclusion - — Many hotel does not change the bed is tasted or not clean bath crock, etc. So why insist on strict enforcement of hotel, but test results is no change? There is one in the industry known as 'shaking bed' concept, namely to detect a did not actually use bedding and bath, just make a mark in the quilts and other bedding after shaking mess after check out, and then check in and specify a mark to the room, and some of the personnel in the process of cleaning the clean tend to use 'visual' method to determine whether the guest used bedding and bath facilities, if the 'visual' thought has not used, such as merely 'shaking bed', or bath crock is not used, so don't you don't change the bed is tasted some cleaning personnel carefully clean the bathtub. So, from this sense, the 'visual' unused cleaner alternative is wrong, because no matter the guest ever used, as long as the guests check out, it should for a guest to replace new items, and the bath equipment to do a thorough clean. However, whether five-star or budget hotel, guest room cleaning staff are relatively low income people, and their salary will be calculated according to the number of guest room clean every day, so if they want to earn more rewards, have to speed up, clean room, more clear so careless, 'visual' thinks the guest use will not change or cleaning, or simple processing of housekeeping personnel. Now more and more young people choose to go what sheets, bring your own sleeping bag, pyjamas. At this point, hebei sheet manufacturer or say 1: sheets, bedding, which is closely related to people's life of personal items must do a good job cleaning. Because there are many bacteria are it is invisible to the naked eye.
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