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by:TONDA     2020-04-23
The hot summer is over and the cool autumn is coming, is home to pack up the mat to change into autumn outfit. So in terms of cleaning and maintenance mat and receive your approach is correct? Small make up of the happy home textiles will study together and you receive correct maintenance and the methods of all kinds of MATS. Bamboo is direct cleaning with water, with a warm towel to wipe, do not put in the sun insolates, in order to avoid brittle cracking, dry it in a cool, ventilated place. When receiving, will be two grain of camphor ball evenly to the bamboo powder into the top, after processing the mat into the bag, put the store in a cool and dry place. Mahjong mahjong seats cannot be affected with damp be affected with damp and hot and humid, warm water should be used when cleaning towel to wipe, also do not put in the sun insolates, with Hyman brittle cracking. Mahjong table can be folded up to receive, also can receive them flat out pressure beneath the mattress, do not use heavy extrusion, the performance of the mahjong table has insect-resistant, so don't put camphor ball. Ice silk XiBing seats silk not washed, daily use, wet wipes, pay attention to not rub brush, so as not to damage the quality of a material of mat, produce fold. When ice silk seats to receive Wei ironing hung to dry at low temperature, folding can be placed. Rattan mat rattan seats can not use chemical detergent is wiped, usable water soaked wet towel to clean the surface, clean after put to dry in the shade, cannot insolate. Rattan mat insect-resistant breathable, so receive before just wipe it clean, dry can be rolled up after bagging receive or receive flat out on the mattress. Leather seats, leather seats cannot exposure in the sun, if you want to remove dirt, can dip in with towel on neutral soap or detergent scrub gently, low concentration and then use clean cloth rub-up. Receive before to brush try clean leather seats, natural dry, stored in a special packing bag, do not bend. Leather seats, permeability is good, insect, mildew resistant bacteria can receive direct tile in the mattress. General leather seats are through special craft processing, don't eat by moth, mildew.
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