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Tonda home textile - store decoration is the new law Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-04
Shijiazhuang textile once franchisees choose good brand, signed a contract, the next thing to face is the most energy consuming things home textile decoration stores. Because a lot of home textile franchisees is a first-time home textile business, very lack of experience, so, in decorating a process, on the one hand, want to join the brand, many facets of communication, but also with decorate a company to maintain good communication, accurately communicate home textile brands requirement for store decoration. Spinning le home textile has rich experience in home textiles brand shop decoration design, spinning le home textile boutique shop style has always given priority to with fashion, beautiful, is unique among numerous home textile brands, popular, spinning home textile summarizes a few action, help people to decorate home textile stores. Spinning le home textile action: style localization is very important. In general, the style characteristics of home textile napa stores are fixed, spinning le home textile, for example, spinning company to spinning enjoyed home textile franchisees display its terminal sales store rendering and design pattern, style tend to be unified, also calls for home textile franchisees when decorating and corporation style is consistent, it can help textile franchisees to speed up the brand promotion, improve consumer acceptance. Spinning le home textile action 2: shop area and based on the actual situation, with reference to other home textile join shop decoration price, home textiles should at least to the price of league valuations to have in my mind, some home textile brands can help entrepreneurs to estimate decorate funds, these factors can be coordinated, home textile franchisees can be chosen according to their own situation. Spinning le home textile action 3: choose to decorate a company needs to consult home textile franchisees' condition, if you can't take a lot of time to supervise decorating a process, it has two choices: find a industry credibility, a better quality of engineering company; Please send home textile brands headquarters in decorate supervision, such as spinning home textile is to provide professional construction supervision, assist and supervise home textile franchisees to decorate. Spinning home textile action 4: : looking for two to three packaging company, the designer's scheme of each packaging company were compared with the budget, 'take the essence to the dregs', eventually determine a set of detailed scheme, it can be done to determine the final solution and budget.
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