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by:TONDA     2020-04-20
Sports towel is specially designed for movement, in the material, size, water and so on various aspects do the optimization design for movement, so different from ordinary towel products, is the sort of aerobic exercise, outdoor adventure, travel products. Its hygroscopicity, permeability and so on comprehensive quality are better than ordinary household towels. Sports towel with super absorbent, water quantity is big, fast water absorption, texture soft, easy to wash, easy to dry. Used to wipe the wet hair, sweat absorption, the effect is very good, clean than ordinary towel when motion effect is good! , pattern clear, accurate and full printing, innovative, contemporary: wholesale towels in addition to practical cotton towel, or a work of art, lifelike, a painting, is a kind of adornment, give a person a kind of spiritual enjoyment, anywhere in the room do not worried, avoid by all means buying ticky-tacky, similar to the miraculous sham, lest reduce your grade, contamination of your bedroom. Second, colorful: whether printed or plain towels, as long as the materials standards, the process is in place, must be very beautiful, one at a kind of novelty, avoid by all means buy color old towel, because this kind of towel general process simple, with makings is very poor, hazardous to health. Three, superabsorbent: cotton towel is particularly strong demand for water, towel to wipe, moisture dry, dust pollution to do, it needs a high quality cotton yarn, advanced scouring and dyeing process, perfect test and inspection methods, wipe on the face is very slippery, water absorption, decontamination towels will affect the quality of your life. Fourth, the design is novel, well-produced; Cotton towel can have a variety of different styles, have spiral, shearing, plain, printing, you can also add satin gear, satin, embroidery, applique, platoon, Mosaic and so on a variety of process methods. This towel is generally with makings fastidious, quality excellent, combined with fine hemming, horizontal flat vertical stand, proper trademark sewing, and so on, look very elegant in a towel and pick is not at fault, let a person fondle admiringly, avoid by all means buy shoddily built, no logo and the exact origin of towels. Five, the fluffy texture, soft, the towel to give a person a kind of enjoy the feeling of comfort, touch in her hand full of elasticity, stick on the face, such as the spring breeze stroke, give a person with a sense of feeling around idea cotton, cotton towel dry out of avoid by all means, so as not to hurt your skin. Actually picked out the length of a moderate sports towel, can completely in the home can do simple practical and convenient aerobic exercise. Towel is held, the first time I heard the word, you will surely feel very trendy and with interest, and yes, it is now a gym and a more popular exercise class sports, the easy to learn of aerobics exercise can achieve through the simple act of exercise the effect of the whole body. Whether you are at home or in the gym, towel so you can fuck movement can exercise, and you need only equipment - — Towel. Now a lot of gym curriculum, basically have towel to hold such a course, and popularity also is no worse than some traditional aerobic exercise such as boxing, body pump. Spinning le home textiles small make up today, and everyone together to talk about the sound boring towel fuck what's 'magic', can be so popular in setting-up exercise series. Towel operation is given priority to with correct form modern urbanite is in addition to sitting in front of the computer to work every day by bus to go home, in the two conditions will not consciously to stretch the neck, head ahead, waist goes forward tilt, gradually, a lot of people may become kyphosis, or shoulders, neck pain and other symptoms. To solve these problems, the 'towel fuck' design a lot of stretching movement backward, to correct people accustomed to the forward position, in order to correct people's physique, and alleviate the pressure of the shoulder, neck, back and ache. Towel in easy operation towel fuck is on the basis of the limbs stretch after evolved from 'processing'. Its movement is mainly to 'pull' and 'pull' towel. Don't look down upon the 'pull' a 'pull', coupled with a towel after, people can increase strength to pull the 'props', so that the effect of stretching exercise more incisively and vividly. As long as cooperate with different position and direction of the pull, pull, suspension, lift on after, for example, transfer is not only is the power of the arm, and back muscle strength, chest, shoulder neck forces, and then drive the waist, legs, hips and other parts of the body to achieve the objective of the exercise, can let the body's shoulder, neck, back, waist, hip and arm muscle and ligament stretch and tightening exercise. Insist for a long time can not only shape beautiful body curve, also can prevent the modern white-collar common shoulder week disease, spinal disease. Tip: towel exercise can practice anytime and anywhere, as long as there is the towel in hand can follow one's inclinations of the exercise, but it is better to can go to the gym and under the guidance and supervision of the coach, can reduce the risk of injury. Do towel, of course, to do some preparation before operation, such as with a few different length of towel, to do some warm-up exercises before exercise and stretching exercises.
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