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by:TONDA     2020-04-20
When customers into the store, the salesman in addition to show the products to customers, and with examples, and recommend products to customers, to attract customers to buy. Then, recommend, we should pay attention to what? 1, recommended to have confidence. Recommend products to customers, the seller itself have faith, to speak to have bottom spirit. Only you believe that the quality of the your bed is tasted, can let customers know your products have self-confidence. 2, suitable for the customer's recommendations. Assistants in the recommended products and, according to customer's actual objective conditions, the customer's spending power make a preliminary assessment, recommend suitable product, and not for marketing and sales. 3, cooperate with body language recommended to customers. When introducing appropriate with body language, the expression of more accurately we convey meaning. 4, cooperate with the characteristics of the goods. Each type of product has different characteristics, such as function, the characteristics of the design, quality, etc. Recommend products to customers, emphasize the different characteristics of products, also is the selling point of each product. 5, the subject focused on goods. Recommend products to customers, to the led to the product and observe customers for products at the same time, in order to timely for sales. 6 and accurately tell the advantages of various products. For product descriptions, and recommend to customers to compare various products, accurately tell the advantages of various products. Secondly pay attention to the key sales skills. Focus on sales is targeted. For the design of the bedding, function, quality, price and other factors, will people and appropriate, make the customer's psychological transition from 'comparison' to 'belief', final sales success. In a very short time internal energy to make the customer has to buy belief, is a very important role in sales. Key sales have the following principles: 1, the brief language. That bed is tasted features to customers, to do language concise clear, content and easy to understand. Every product is the most important feature of the first to say, if you have time to drill-down. 2, with emphasis on introduction. According to the customer's situation, random strain, cannot machine-made, only said: 'this 4 times', 'the quilt we sales high' too simple and general language. To according to the difference of the sales object consumption ability and consumption habits and change the way we speak. For different customers to introduce different content, do vary from person to person. 3, withdrawal solid professional quality. The seller should grasp the trends of home textiles industry, understand the industry dynamic home textile market. When introduced to the guests to a stable and reliable service.
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