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Tonda home textile tell you hotel bedding and home bedding - the difference between Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-21
1. Why hotel bedding, mostly white? Because the bedding is and direct contact with the skin of easy residues of various kinds of bacteria, impurities, a white bed is tasted can let user can't judging their health status, and white bed is tasted can make pollution exposed, timely replacement of cleaning, ensure clean sanitation, from the perspective of environmental protection at the same time, to prevent chemical contamination, printing and dyeing process hotel products tend to be white. In addition, according to the color psychology studies have shown that white makes people feel relaxed, probably. Rooms with white bed is tasted can help the guest cancel the travel fatigue, give a guest with quiet, comfortable rest sleep environment. Also on from the Angle of chromatology, white is the color of the most not easy to produce fatigue. From the aesthetic point of view, white represents purity, is also one of the most can let a person feel can confirm from the vision of pure color, scientific research also found that white bedding also helps to sleep, it is said that this is the reason why the quilt why most is white. 2. Compared with traditional home textile bedding, hotel bedding, what are the characteristics? The law on the division of tourism hotel and assess the immanent quality of hotel bedding with clear rules, five-star hotel score full marks not less than 80 x 60 standard yarn count yarn, texture must be 100% cotton. At the same time different from national standard of home textiles industry, hotel bedding with reference to the national standards for GBT22800 - 2009 stars tourist hotel textile, hotel bedding fabrics in fracture strength, pilling performance, color fastness and other indicators are far higher than on home textiles products. Four-star hotel also generally use 60 x 40 or 60 x 60 fabrics, bed is tasted. 3. Hotel bedding, what is the unique product features? 一个。 Concise air - - - - - - - Hotel bedding emphasize all luxury things hidden in the heart, the pursuit of elegant and not make public, contracted and not simple. 。 。 。 。 On the whole, maintain the mass-tone attune of the white, and space by quilt cover and the end of the bed cushion is tie-in, reflects the style and features. B。 Good comfort - - - - - - - Hotel bedding industry in China is one of the industries with international first, 30 years of development, to the consumer the sleep research has reached the extreme, many hotels group has formed a unique culture and product standard of sleep, such as 'grand hyatt hotel group' of 'the quality of the change of bed', 'marriott hotel group' 'regain vitality' and so on. C。 Low carbon - environmental protection - - - - - - Some international hotel group has Oeke - Tex100 and other international environmental certification as a mandatory procurement standards. Hotel bedding and towels, bathrobe color generally USES white or light color attune, for low carbon environmental protection, general dark dye must be via chemical additives such as formaldehyde fixation. And white and pale, don't need. D。 Form a complete set to change series - - - - - - - Hotel bedding product line more rich, covering towel class that defend bath, food service, bed is tasted core classes, the hotel is currently widely used feather pads, hotel bathrobe etc will be the direction of consumer use. 4. How to conduct hotel bedding, cleaning and maintenance? Hotel bedding has a strict washing procedure: including pre - washing - - - - - - Dehydration - - - - - - - The main washing - - - - - - - Dehydration - - - - - - - Soft - - - - - - - Dry - - - - - - - Iron - - - - - - - Special stain removal, hotel bedding can support powerful washing machine frequently, therefore, buy the hotel bed is tasted as household, because do not need frequent, strong processing and its durability, comfort was significantly higher than ordinary bed is tasted. So, are widely used in many home textiles brands hotel bedding fabrics make household bed is tasted.
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