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by:TONDA     2020-04-21
business is bad, how to do? Discount bai! This is the first time think of each home textiles manufacturers but after hitting the 8 fold, to restore the original price, the customer will say: 'the last time you a eighty percent discount, or gave me a eighty percent discount. 'Of course I can't, that how to do? Customers go bai, you don't hit eighty percent, next to seventy percent! Such days business is bad, how to do? Altogether, seventy percent! After three activities, customers began to wait for the discount, the original business. So activities continue to do it, as a result, a vicious cycle. Do you know what is your this behavior? Yourself by your discount kill also calculate, you this is to disrupt the market, influence too serious! You say, 'I didn't disturb the market one, others are on sale, I don't discount I haven't the business. 'Haven't you seen that in some wholesale market, don't bargain, discount stores, business is the best? The unit price is the most expensive business is the best? Everyone at a discount, you do not discount, the brand is not considered by the customer? Not be respected. You see here, it is estimated that the lungs are mad? But the fact is such. Discount is equivalent to eat the bread of the future discount for three days, the results may be a little bit better, but the back for 10 days will be decreased. And you said, I can't keep going? Tell you, the same activities, the effect is not more than four days. When do you often discount, imperceptible in your customers have been subtle changes in: partly because of the product or brand like your customer will leave you, and more price sensitive customers will often visit you. You know, there are a lot of customers are hope he bought things won't depreciate, this is your loyal VIP before. You hurt my loyal VIP, but attracted a brief price sensitive customers. Bring a temporary discount sales growth, it is not worth the cost. You may ask, that I don't discount? Of course is not a pure discount can have a good business. Or learn to do the big list? Don't go to study high-tech technology, is not love your mind, don't want to find the method. Any marketing method will only attract customers. You like at a discount, to attract price-sensitive customers, make you think is the price problem, then walk into the price of vortex; You study service, VIP loyalty is more and more high; You study sales skills, conversion rates and joint rate is higher and higher; Some people said, 'we are here in a small place, consumption ability is weak, so customers love a bargain. Also some people said, 'our home something expensive, so customers love a bargain. 'So, let's look at two phenomena. In big supermarket to buy vegetables, 20. 1 yuan. In the vegetable market to buy vegetables, 20. 1 yuan. Excuse me, are you can bargain? Coke in the supermarket sells $2 a listen to, vending machines 5 dollars a listen to, McDonald's eight yuan a cup, a five-star hotel 38 dollars a cup. The same brand and product, totally different prices in different places, excuse me, would you make a counter-offer? Obviously, you are in the market, if the price is 20. 1 yuan, you'll instinctively to 1: '20, please? 'And in a big supermarket won't; The same coke, different price, you won't be a counteroffer. So, the customer will not bargain, has nothing to do with the customer, only has to do with your shop. If your customers love, because a reason - — You can shop long as bargain shop! Those customers especially love a bargain in your opinion, is not in any local consumption price, but in your store died also. Why do your shop long as stores can offer? Stores image customers love bargain store: store decoration like a grocery store, store display messy, bad health, dimly lit stores, music is very old-fashioned or voice is not appropriate. Customer can't bargain shop: decorate fashion, display neat and comfortable, health fresh, light and comfortable, music fashion, volume was just right. Staff image customers love bargain shop: customers into the store, shoppers are playing mobile phone, on the counter, by against the wall, sat on a chair, glassy-eyed, deadpan, no makeup, dressed in old-fashioned sloppy. Customer can't bargain shop: customers into the store, shoppers warm in reception, or are busy in the work of the restaurant, wearing classy, minimal makeup, sweet smile kind, proper praise customers. Service image customers love bargain shop: the service level is poor, no vision, the bottom of my heart think customers are 'bad guys', love a dispute with the customer, customer return food everywhere. Guide customers can't bargain shop: sales level is good, speaking tone professional and friendly, the bottom of my heart think most people are 'good', never argue with customers, and will properly handle customer return food with other complaints. Now know why your customers love a bargain or few bargain? Market is bad to do again, but there are still many brand, many shops compared with a year in ascension. Those who will only attract those people, you complain that appeal to complain; You approach, you draw the counterparts of the like to discuss with you way. Positive energy person, always see opportunities; Negative energy person, always see problems. Suggest you, hurriedly will discount the brakes, the professional services, or you will be more and more difficult.
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