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【 Tonda home textile 】 The pillow - implied in the health crisis Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-22
As bedding, people usually pay attention to clean air basks in bedding, pillow towel, pillowcase only, very few however the pillow 'please' to breathe freely outside house, air is basked in. Little imagine, rely on to clean only external pillow towel and pillowcase, just 'take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure', the foul breath inside pillow core cannot get rid of, so the pillow has become the wholesome blind area in contemporary family. Spinning said home textiles small make up, a night sleep, the pillow is dirty breath through the 'main' in bedding, combined with the people sleep breath gas in large quantities of infiltration, become a 'shelter evil people and practices'. Should particularly note that if you have infectious diseases, respiratory tract, enteron or head skin will also infected with bacteria and viruses in the pillow core, may cause the cross infection between spouses or children. So the pillow wants often air basks in disinfection, maintain health, conditional family, in addition to the sun more pillow, often should also change pillow core, pillow core as medical experts suggest at least once in every two years, bask in every week. How to know the pillow should be changed? Experts suggest that take the following the inspection standard of: in the absence of other body disease, often feel after morning rises neck numbness acid bilges; Pillow has lost its elasticity, need to beat a great ability to make its restore some flexibility; After the well is not easy to adjust the pillow, it replies quickly and compressed; Pillow has agglomerate, uneven phenomenon, and the peculiar smell of the filler has be affected with damp be affected with damp. If appeared one of above circumstance, your pillow should be changed.
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