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by:TONDA     2020-04-20
Sorching summer is coming, your life is an indispensable part of the air conditioning, the night how to let you sleep at ease with enjoyable also became a spinning top priority of the home textiles consider below, teach you a few selected by the method of air conditioning, let your health with a summer! Air conditioning is also known as the summer cool is, filling material basically has two kinds of hollow fiber cotton and silk, outer fabric is cotton or polyester. The air conditioning on the market are numerous, but most of them are hollow fiber cotton, ( A large part of the so-called silk are fiber fabric, so it is important to note that when the choose and buy) , choose cotton fabrics will be more comfortable and healthy. This type of air conditioning is moderate price, are popular, if is a brand, prices are generally in the 300 - 400 yuan. And silk air conditioning is the price is more expensive, five hundred yuan of above. Although the quilt is quilting style, but some with a single, some design is embroidered fabrics, and some fabric design is printed. With a single air conditioning is higher price, embroidered air conditioning was relatively cheaper price, and printed air conditioning is price is the cheapest in three kinds of air conditioning is, without any design and color is pure white fabric is more cheaper, as long as 100 yuan. At the time of purchase of air conditioning is, should follow three principles, a look, and with his eyes, understand the basic information of the product and visual quality. The choose and buy products in addition to pay attention to the design of products, design, price, should also take a look at its appearance quality, such as whether the quilt designs skewed; Fabric stitching whether there is any color difference; Sewing track whether well, straight and strong; Quilting path is smooth, flat, no wrinkle fabric; Stitch density is moderate, etc. At the same time, the use of one of the product components should be detailed view, learn about the basic information of choose and buy products, such as fabric and filling material composition ( Filler for silk, we should see whether annotation types of silk) , safety categories, quality grade, size, In addition to the size should also indicate the weight of the filling) , washing instructions ( According to the composition of fabrics, filling material and washing habits, concludes that the way of washing product conform to their requirements) , vendor information, etc. Two touch, touch, check the quality of the product itself. Split air conditioning is to use hand touch your quilt cover, should not have to stimulate the skin feeling; Second hand stroke around the perimeter of the quilt, full padding should be uniform; Palms gently press again quilt, in a short time after the compressed rebound; Finally picked up and gently rub the quilt, the feeling should be soft and comfortable. Three smell, nose to smell, to learn more about the product if there is a potential hazard. In general textile products in addition to the natural breath with fiber itself, there would be no other abnormal smell. But because the product after processing, sorting, storage, will produce some peculiar smell, can through the sense of smell, which can identify qualified products should not be like mold, fishy, gasoline ( Kerosene) Flavor and aromatic smell.
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