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by:TONDA     2020-04-23
11, the newspaper to the inspection 10 7 batches of towel under reported reporter randomly buy 10 batches of towel, there are 7 batch of towel can not meet the relevant national standards. Many city residents to contact with me: daily simple method can identify the towel is good or bad? 13, our correspondent with fiber inspection bureau of shandong province experts came to domestic first-class towel manufacturing enterprises -- — Vosges group, fiber inspection bureau in shandong province by the experts and the vosges group staff guidance reporter has carried on the experiment. Burning test laboratory technician drew a few root yarn from a towel, twist into a rope, lit with lighter. Yarn burn quickly and thoroughly, residues in black ash, with his hands at once a twist, not knot ball into powder. If net burning ash residue combustion does not have lumps, accompanied by stimulating odour, not pure cotton towel. Expert review 'before a few years, a lot of 'unscrupulous producers to reduce cost and low price for recycle production towel, the towel consumers is difficult to tell from the appearance. 'China home textiles association, vice President and executive director of professional committee of towel, Sun Yong vosges group general manager, told reporters that inferior towel, often not 100% pure cotton, but with quite a proportion of chemical fiber, easy pilling, used to wash a face may irritate the skin. Water imbibition test laboratory technician ready to towel. Three dropper respectively in three new towel drops on the surface of a drop of water, water permeate two towels, absorbent towel. In other forms after dripping water drops on a towel, does not penetrate, towel water imbibition is bad. The experimenter said can also select the same size towel, through the passage of time needed for its wet, to determine whether its good or bad water imbibition, good water imbibition towel will sink to the bottom for 5 seconds. Expert comment 'a lot of people have this experience, some towels very soft to the touch, but after the touch, there is a sticky hands, this may be added additives. This towel like we use conditioner when shampoo, and softening agent can keep the towel surface is smooth, with soft had disappeared before I wash it. 'Said Sun Yong, people at home can do water absorption experiment to identify its quality stand or fall, the drip on the new towel can quickly be absorbed, towels of good water imbibition, and inferior water imbibition towel is poor, when using lax, inelastic, soapy feel. Color fastness test laboratory technician will be 80 degrees Celsius hot water into the basin that wash a face, put a towel and cleaning, water in the basin of the colour has a better. If there are any fade, indicates the poor quality of printing and dyeing, hazardous to human health. Expert comment 'rub off when water is serious, stimulation to skin and eyes is bigger, cannot use. 'Sea fiber inspection bureau experts in shandong province yong said, and bought a towel can be placed in clean water after washing a few times, in general, good quality towel just at the first washing will remove some floating color. If every time rub off, it is best not to use this quality wash a face towel, otherwise like washed with 'chemical dyes, under a lot of damage to the skin. Towel specialist dedicated the best 3 months in 'everything has life, the use of towels period normally for three months. Over the lifetime of the towel, because things more and more, adsorption towel will become the new sources of pollution. 'Said Sun Yong, towel to someone special, special towel. Quantity should be 4 - use towel per person a day Article 5, divided into washing a face, wash feet, take a shower and routine maintenance personal small towel. At the same time, he also suggested that don't hang your wet towel in the ventilation of the toilet, towel often in wet condition and extremely easy breeding ground for harmful bacteria, microorganisms, such as mite bug has great harm to the body.
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