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by:TONDA     2020-04-23
What we often say that the bedding, everyone will have a certain understanding, but not all clear. Here, home textiles will analyze the bedding for you five items products: 1, the parts: six, four, three times; Contains: bedding bag, summer cover, bedspread, bed sheet, pillow, pillowcase (summer Envelope pillowcases) 。 2, pillow type: contains: ( 1) Pure purpose of pillow sleep. This kind of pillow type main points is its flexibility and comfort. ( 2) With health care function of pillow: the pillow type mainly by its shape and fillers to bring various health care functions, appeal lies in its health. 3, suite: 11, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four times; Contains: bed cover, bedspread, bed sheet, bedding bag, by core, cleaning pad, pillowcase, summer winter pillowcase ( Envelope pillowcases) Long, pillowcases, pillow, etc. : what do you know the ballast products including all products: 4, peripheral products include: all kinds of pillow/cushion/waist support pad/cushion/sofa bed, etc. 5, class: contains: ( 1) Polyester filler was class: this class main points is its volume, softness and warmth retention property. ( 2) Natural filler was class: fleece, duvets, such as silk, this is kind of main points is that environmental protection, health concept. Short for bedding and bedding, said new product most people will think of our common sheet quilt, bed 4 6 sets, bed cover, etc.
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