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Trousers were splashed juice? Bedding manufacturers to teach you a recruit! - - - - - - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-14
The following these tips, to learn, one can wash them! White vinegar, white shirt collarband easiest to yellow, not clean with detergent and rub. Some on the chest for a long time, take out there is a old color. With laundry detergent, pour into a small cup of white vinegar, and let stand for 15 minutes. Wash again, you will find a new dress white and the same! Lemon has some stubborn stains, no matter how hard you to scrub is still there, sometimes leave mildew stains, allowing clothes mildew, lemon water can help you solve. The lemon slices into the water to a boil, then put up the clothes to soak in lemon water for 15 minutes. Take out clothes after their robes, such as new, not only with a burst of lemon flavor ~ salt salt as well as a condiment, or a super stain cleaner. Especially the greasy food, a recruit. Cover the salt to grease, wait for salt dropped the oil absorption, and then gently brushed salt, necklines look brand-new. Milk to go to school to work, always met clothes were ball-point pen, pen drawing. This time, the milk can play its role. Milk is heated to boil, wiped with cotton can remove the handwriting on the clothes. Light milk incense, cooperate with clean clothes, physically and mentally comfortable. Dishwashing detergent is the role of emulsified oil, in removing oil dirties than washing powder works! A shirt to wear for a long time, where the yellow with a layer of detergent. Laundry detergent generally difficult to wash off completely, but take a rub detergent can clean. Eggs on chewing gum, with eggs, don't to gum stains. Need to use the material is egg qing dynasty. Take egg white put on gum trace to make it loose, wipe again. In addition, the egg shell soaked in hot water to wash clothes, the clothes will be particularly white ~ but must rinse clean! Rice with rice to wash clothes, is an ancient method, called starch, wash the clothes in this way it is said that will be more white to homogenize grain and detergents, paint rub in dirty place, finally washed with clear water. The water that clean out rice is the bane of the stain. Will wash rice water into the pot to boil, add the yellow clothes, can make the restore white clothes! Toothpaste toothpaste has remove greasy, such as stain effect. Clothes have created the stains, squeeze a little toothpaste, rub your back and forth several times. Tea stains, coffee stains on clothing also can use the above way, restore a brand new ~ to make clothes
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