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by:TONDA     2020-05-16
Cool, duvet is also gradually popular. Duvet due to fill down varied, also divided into many types, today for you to introduce a kind of duvet: goose down quilt. Goose down quilt is a duvet, belongs to the duvet with good quality. Goose down is a kind of animal protein, a special structure can store a lot of air, can have better heat preservation effect. Due to the goose down good elasticity. Flexibility is strong. Permeability is good, many say it is breathing down. Completes the goose down preserved by the daily maintenance and is beneficial to extend the service life of it: 1. When changing a gently shaking goose down quilt, let air into the, cause the core is very soft. 2. Should be in a cool and dry. Ventilation. Dry air is basked in, no direct exposure to strong sunlight. 3. Should be confirmed when stored in dry, avoid weight, pay attention to keep clean, clean, ventilation, prevent mildew. 4. Because of goose down of animal fiber table body, unused for a long time, the product may have a slight odor, as long as the core will be put in ventilated, dry place, smell disappeared a few days. 5. Frequently in quilt cover, prevent stains on the quilt cover dyed to the core. 6. Goose down by core washing way for dry cleaning. Each kind of bedding to consumers in daily life according to the product features to choose the suitable way of washing and save, inappropriate way of washing and saving way could make the products be hurt, shorten service life. Teach you how to identify fake goose down: duck down production accounted for 95%, 5% goose down ( And a good goose down are exported to Japan and Europe and the United States) , goose top flower is big, good quality, resources are scarce and expensive. Goose down permanent without odour, duck down will be out of the duck SAO flavor after be affected with damp be affected with damp. Goose down quilt of choose and buy when should pay attention to downcontent and volume these two indicators. A: look at with and without state approval certificate and label, label, is there a downcontent feather percentage, fabric content. 2: the feather products relax smooth, to restore its natural for 3 minutes, see whether products to rebound soon recover. If not up or low springback is slow, that poor packing quality; If no resilience, filling material is likely to be a feather or other long hair scattered hair rather than a feather. Three: feel with the hand touch pinch try its soft degree, whether full or too little rushes greater than thick long feather, feather tube, etc. Such as soft but poor resilience, rather than soften rushes down; Such as soft but have short scape is shattered, the filling material has no use value. Four: banged products, look have without dust overflow.
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