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by:TONDA     2020-05-18
Choose the actor bad of character of silk, is fundamental to decide silk by quality. Consumers can from the following aspects when the choose and buy silk by silk of different quality identification: 1, watching - - - - - - High quality silk appearance with a pearly colour and lustre, slightly yellow for ivory. Silk surface is downy burnish, not black, not hair acerbity, silk long, on the performance of the light with a diffuse reflection; Clean little impurity, the silk road in order and neat; Silk is often poor quality because of the added by hydrogen peroxide bleaching agents, such as chemical treatment, the appearance of a pale colour, not glossy and moist feeling, impurity is more, the silk road. 2, touch - - - - - - - High quality silk feels soft creamy rich elasticity, no rigid mass; Thin soft silk silk, extremely easy sticky for the real thing; False items and not sticky. Inferior silk are tactile rough no flexible, no moist sense, cocoon, cocoon, cocoon piece stem, pupa exuviate more. 3, smell - - - - - - - Natural silk, without any chemical drugs, there is a kind of silkworm itself natural smell, inferior silk to increase smoothness for silicone oil and softening agent. With oily or mildew smell of silk for inferiority of quality. Oily or mildew smell of silk for inferiority of quality. 4, burn - - - - - - - Silk without delay when the flame combustion, and stop the burning flame separation. After burning SongSanZhuang gray, with a smell of burning hair. Hair is given out silk after fire, odor, burned the fiber end into a black Ge, being a pinched all pieces by hand for the real thing; And after burn not stink, and burnt fiber end knot Dang bumps very hard, not easy to crush is fake product. 5, - - - - - - - Silk quilt is made of high quality silk hand pulled so hard that it is not easy to open, and inferior silk gently with the hand to pull, will pull open, some a la will into a bundle. Silk, the better strong stretching force, the quality is better. Research shows that grade raw silk are strong stretching force should be stronger than the diameter of the wire. Excellent quality of silk and restore elasticity; And inferior silk fiber properties such as strong tensility, restore elasticity of the poor. 6, tao - - - - - - - Silk quilt is made of high quality silk, no matter how to play, not in groups, and inferior silk in sleep when the pedal is formed, many manufacturers now only put some filament in quilt openings, and full of fiber, so it can reach to the back of the mouth to cut some wire out more than once.
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