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by:TONDA     2020-05-12
Quantity influences quality, and this is all very familiar things. With the continuous development of mankind, the earth's ecological environment is getting worse, in our daily life more and more can feel the stimulation of ultraviolet ray, so someone is specifically for this kind of situation has developed a fabric called uv protection fabric. ? Then the uv fabrics, it exactly what kinds, in the life of common uv curtain is that good? Here are together and see it. Uv protection fabric profile called uv protection fabric, is in fact a kind of the fabrics of blocking the sun's rays in the uv damage to the human body. It is well known that ultraviolet ray is a kind of influence is very bad, it can not only make our home textiles appear fade and embrittlement, and long time of exposure, the body also will appear sunburn and skin aging problem, severe cases may also induce cancer, has great harm to human body health. And in recent years, with the global warming, ozone layer of the weak, is more and more ultraviolet radiation into the interior of the earth, so for this situation, people have developed this kind of fabric. Uv protection fabric non-toxic safety, can effectively prevent ultraviolet ray, skin no stimulation to the human body, so it was very popular. Uv protection fabric what is now in the market of uv protection fabric is not special, mainly for its demand is not very big, so the market is not particularly rich fabric type. The present main common uv protection fabric is polyester fabrics, nylon fabrics of uv ultraviolet prevention and anti-uv fabric of the three. Actually the uv fabrics include cotton, hemp, silk and wool and polyester/cotton and nylon fabric. These fabrics for the absorption of ultraviolet ray has a good ability, through reflection and scattering effect, all fabrics absorb ultraviolet light out, in turn, have played an important role in prevent ultraviolet harm human body skin. Uv protection curtain which is really good 1, in the present, functional curtain is very popular, natural good uv protection function of the curtain is more popular. And this kind of curtain function is strong, light weight, soft, permeability and antistatic property of the curtain is also very good, so has been on the market sales is very good. But there are so many the uv light curtain on the market, which is more good? First, high quality uv curtain quality must be good, want to know every kind of uv curtain has test report, free real qualified tested uv curtain, its quality will guarantee, when the choose and buy must pay attention to check, especially the uv transmittance of the curtain and protection factor UPF. 2, people in the home to install the uv curtain, besides considering the function effect and quality of the curtain, you also need to consider a adornment effect of the curtain, after all, modern ( Modern decoration) People place more in household or decorations with whole to live in a effect. So when the choose and buy, only for their household style uv curtain curtain will be more good products. Curtain can not only effectively and easily block uv rays outdoor, also can have elegant adornment effect, to make the household environment of comfortable health has a very important role. Conclusion: uv protection fabric is a relatively new type of functional material, its application is very wide, was more common in our daily life, so the choose and buy has it's best to do the research in advance to understand about the product is.
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