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Velvet Quilted Comforter Solid Color and Printed Bedding

Velvet Quilted Comforter Solid Color and Printed Bedding

Item: TDJ2004
Surface: Microfiber
Fill: Polyester
MOQ: About 800 pieces per color.You can mix sizes.

Colors according to your color card.

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The exquisite printing and free needle quilting make the washing look very beautiful.

We have the best technology and service at the same price.

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Velvet Quilted Comforter Solid Color and Printed Bedding

Velvet comforter have been widely loved by consumers because of their comfortable fit, changeable design and wide applicability.


In the past two years, the trend of interior design is gradually approaching to the life experience of looking for nature. The most typical process performance is velvet, tassels, beads, rolling balls and other processes, which are commonly used in blankets, carpets, clothing, fat quilts and other products. In the past two years, it has gradually emerged in bed products, especially velvet products with natural color, rich hair height, soft feel, good warmth retention and sense of modeling Strong and other characteristics, combined with tassel, knitting, bead piece and other crafts, the bed products show the original innocence and rebellion, showing the rough and personalized romantic atmosphere.


The use of cashmere technology gives home textile fabric a thick feeling, soft handle, fullness and good drapability, which not only increases the texture of the fabric, but also increases the three-dimensional sense of the pattern. This technology from Bohemian style gradually becomes popular in bed products.


Tassels with ears of wheat in the classic form of binding has always appeared in the embellishment of household products, among which Velvet comforter is the most obvious. The performance of tassels is mainly based on the regular edging arrangement, which will be used in the edge of quilt cover, the outer side of pillow, the edge of pillow and so on. Now tassels will also be combined with tufting technology to make tufted bedding heavy and warm. The combination of tassels can increase the sense of motion and highlight the delicate details of Velvet comforter.


In our company's design, the ball can also be seen as exaggerated tassels of wheat, which are embellished in the form of exaggeration in the suite, cover blanket, sofa blanket and Velvet comforter, which shows lively and interesting, and also adds witty treason to the bed decoration.


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